Airbenders: Who is still alive from the 100th Bomb Group?

The series Masters of the Airfrom the AppleTV+tells the true story of the group of soldiers called the 100th Bomb Group of the United States, who fought against German soldiers during World War II.

Produced by Steven Spielberg AND Tom Hanksthe series portrays the tragic vision of air warfare and the challenges faced by the bomber group.

There are 4 survivors of the 100th Bomb Group as of February 2024

According to the website Screen triggering, information current as of February 2024, there are still four living members of the 100th Bomb Group. They are: John Luckadoo, James R. Rasmussen, Henry Cervantes and Robert Wolff.

John Luckadoo, known as “Lucky”, joined the U.S. Army at the age of nineteen and served as a pilot; he flew 25 combat missions before ending his service in 1944 at age 22. He later married, had a daughter and worked on a book with war correspondent Kevin Maurer.

James R. Rasmussen joined the group in December 1944, at age 20, and served as a navigator in the 349th Squadron, flying 33 missions. After the war he married, started a family and now lectures in schools about his war experiences.

Henry Cervantes, known as “Hank”, was one of the few Mexican-American pilots in the group. He completed 26 missions and survived a suicide attack by a German ME-109G on April 7, 1945. After his discharge, Cervantes became program coordinator and public official, determined to create new opportunities for Latinos; He subsequently published an autobiography.

Robert Wolff enlisted in the service in 1942 when he was just 18 years old, training as an aviation cadet and flying 7 missions. Wolff was a prisoner of war for 19 months in the Stalag Luft III camp before being released in April 1945. After the war, Wolff returned to California, where he married. He later received the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his war service

Are the surviving veterans of the 100th Bombardment Group portrayed in Airbenders?

Although these veterans are still alive, none of them were portrayed in the series Masters of the Air. However, they made a special appearance at the show’s premiere in Los Angeles, where they were greeted with applause from the audience.

Although not depicted individually in the production, many of the series’ main characters were inspired by real pilots of the 100th Bombardment Group, which helps pay homage and tell the story of these brave men.

Edward Ashley, Matt Gavan, Callum Turner and Anthony Boyle in Masters of the Air (Disclosure / Apple TV+)Edward Ashley, Matt Gavan, Callum Turner and Anthony Boyle in Masters of the Air (Disclosure / Apple TV+)
Edward Ashley, Matt Gavan, Callum Turner and Anthony Boyle in Masters of the Air (Disclosure / Apple TV+)

What happened to the main characters of Airbenders?

After the war, the 100th Bombardment Group suffered different fates. Some of the series’ main characters have had different trajectories, including death in a plane crash, continued military service, marriage, and academic careers.

Lieutenant Curtis Biddick (Barry Keoghan), was among four pilots killed in an airplane fire in Regensburg in 1943. While Gale Cleven (Austin Butler) continued his military service after the war, serving in Korea and Vietnam before retiring in 1955 after graduating from college. He died in 2006.

John Egan (Callum Turner) married and had two daughters before dying of a heart attack in 1961. Major Harry Crosby (Anthony Boyle) served as chief navigator in the Bomb Group and flew 32 combat missions during his time in the Air Force. Returning to the United States after the war, he worked as a professor at Boston University until 1984. Crosby died in 2010, aged 91.

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