Six Foot Under ends with an episode full of death, love and hope

Five seasons of Six feet under (Six feet under) It’s inside Netflixand the series finale is celebrated for its authentic and moving depiction of life and death.

The five seasons converge in a final episode that not only features death in a meaningful way, but also celebrates love and hope.

The episode is marked by a complete cycle of life, which begins with birth and ends with death, exploring profound themes such as love, pain, family, friendship, acceptance, reunions and wonders of life, exemplified by the simple act of a child. breathe.

Find out everything that happens in the latest episode of Six feet under.

Brenda’s daughter arrives

Brenda gives birth to a daughter named Willa, who is born prematurely. However, Brenda’s mother-in-law Ruth worries about Willa’s uncertain future.

Willa not only survives, but thrives and makes it home. Brenda, on the other hand, continues to have visions of Nate, her late husband, who expresses concern for Willa’s health.

In a final dream, Brenda sees Nate holding Willa next to her father, Nathaniel, whose death is a crucial point in the series’ story. Nate says he loves Willa very much and always will.

An ending for David

David, after dealing with PTSD due to a kidnapping and the death of his brother, finds closure in his life. He argues with Keith about being a single father and his parenting skills.

David returns to live with his mother, Ruth, who is emotionally distraught. In a touching moment, Ruth offers her son cereal in her favorite yellow childhood bowl. Eventually, David returns with Keith and his two children, overcoming his traumas and nightmares.

Claire goes to New York

Claire starts the episode with her boyfriend Ted, a really nice lawyer. She receives news that she has found a job at New Image, a photography agency in New York.

Before leaving, however, he discovers that the company has been purchased by a Chicago company, canceling his promise of a new job. With the blessing of Nate’s ghost, Claire leaves for New York and her mother, Ruth, wants her to remain hopeful.

What happens to Fisher & Sons?

Fisher & Diaz no longer exists, but the biggest surprise is that Fisher & Filhos almost suffered the same fate. Rico and Vanessa want to open their own funeral business, so Rico asks David to take it over.

David realizes how important Fisher & Sons is to him and, together with Keith, buys Rico’s share. They also promise to buy out Brenda, who is now a co-owner because she inherited Nate’s share.

David and Keith decide to move into the family home. Meanwhile, Ruth chooses to date George, live with her sister and run a dog daycare.

What the future holds

The final episode of Six feet under It is considered one of the best series finales of all time. In her final moments, Claire says goodbye to her family and friends over dinner.

The Fisher family home, now owned by David and Keith, is the setting for this reunion, bringing together three generations of family, friends, partners and former lovers.

During the farewell, Claire tries to take a photo of the family, but is interrupted by Nate, already missing, who reminds her that the moment is over and the importance of making the most of every moment.

Claire then leaves in her blue Prius, inserting a Ted mix CD and heading east on the highway. At the sound of breathe me Sia shows scenes from the future, including Willa’s birthday party and David and Keith’s wedding.

It is a melancholic and stimulating moment, which reminds us of the importance of valuing every moment of life.

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