The Netflix signal reveals the worst of humanity

The plot of The signfrom the Netflixrevolves around the scientist and astronaut Paula, who after a space mission, mysteriously disappears upon returning to Earth.

Her husband Sven and daughter Charlie desperately search for answers, until Sven finds a riddle left by Paula that could lead him to her.

As he follows the clues, Sven discovers that Paula’s messages may indicate an impending global disaster, linked to an alarming discovery she made in space.

Directed by Sebastian Hilger AND Philip Leinemannthe protagonist of the German mystery series Peri Baumeister, Florian David Fitz AND Yuna Bennett.

The end of the Signal

Just before completing her mission on the International Space Station, scientist Paula encounters a mystery that defies human understanding: a mysterious voice saying “hello” from the void of space.

The discovery triggers a series of events that reveal the possibility of alien life trying to make contact with Earth.

Paula, determined to decipher the enigma, must face obstacles posed by her colleague Hadi, who operates under the orders of Mudhi, a philanthropist with ulterior motives.

After a tragic plane crash that takes the lives of Paula and Hadi, the government rushes to destroy the alleged UFO. However, Paula, anticipating such a reaction, had sent false coordinates to protect the ship.

The true location is known only to Charlie, Paula’s daughter, who received the correct coordinates via a special radio. Sven, Charlie’s father, is alerted to Mudhi’s true intentions and finds himself in a race against time to unravel the mystery left behind by Paula.

Did aliens really try to communicate?

The climax of the story brings us to a startling revelation: It wasn’t an approaching UFO, but NASA’s Voyager 1 probe, launched in 1977, returning to Earth.

The voice Paula heard was a recording of a human child, part of Voyager’s Golden Record, intended to represent humanity to any extraterrestrial life that might encounter it.

What does the end of The Sign mean?

The end of The sign leaves us with a profound reflection on human nature. The probe, sent as an ambassador of peace and human curiosity, returns at a time when humanity seems to have drifted away from its noblest ideals.

The willingness to destroy the unknown, without any attempt at communication or understanding, reflects a modern tendency towards violence rather than the peace we once aspired to convey.

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