Euphoria production is stopped indefinitely

A HBO Cancellation rumors denied Euphoria, and confirmed that production remains ongoing. However, the third season of the series is being delayed indefinitely.

According to international websites, there is still no fixed date for the start of filming, which should have started soon. The creator Sam Levison is finalizing the scripts.

HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making a great third season. In the meantime, we are enabling our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities“said an HBO spokesperson Variety.

The production of the third season of Euphoria faced significant delays due to strikes in Hollywood and the death of Angus Cloud, who played Fez.

Furthermore, the success of the main cast in Hollywood, included Zendaya and others, makes it difficult to coordinate schedules for production to continue.

HBO has announced that the third season of Euphoria was supposed to premiere in 2025, which would mean a three-year hiatus from the January 2022 season two premiere.

This hiatus has fueled speculation that the new season could include a five-year time jump in the narrative.

Actors comment on delays in recording Euphoria

According to CBRearlier this year, Nika Kingwho plays Zendaya’s mother on the show, humorously expressed her impatience over the delay in starting filming.

Don’t ask me when the third season will be released. I have no idea, people keep saying, “We need season three,” and I’m like, “Honey, I need season three!” I haven’t paid rent in six months‘”.

According to Variety, Giacobbe Elordi he also joked about filming delays in an interview with Jimmy Fallon: “I hope it’s soon, otherwise they’ll have to call me Benjamin Button or something. I’m going to have back problems walking down the hall, you know?

Sam Levinson had already suggested that the third season would take on a “film noir” tone. He shared that through the character Rue, he aims to “explore what it means to be a principled individual in a corrupt world“.

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