The creators comment on Gilbert Gottfried’s cameo in Smiling Friends

One of the surprises of the first season of Smiling friends was the participation of Gilbert Gottfriedwho in the episode made the voice of God Charlie dies and doesn’t come back. The actor died in April of this year.

According to comic stripin an interview with Adult Swim Festival, the creators of Smiling friends, Michele Cusack And Zach Hadelshared the experience of working with Gottfried.

Cusack explained that recording Gottfried’s voice had several difficulties, causing him to speak loudly and also the sounds coming from the actor’s laptop.

“It came and it was super cool. He was in the character of Gilbert Gottfried, but in a kind of subtle, soft way … and then we had him do the voice on the tape recorder, but he was screaming and yelling a lot. When I got the audio back, I was like, “Oh my God, we definitely won’t be able to get it back.” Also, his laptop kept making that email noise … I was too scared to say anything because I already felt like a kid who was in trouble … I got the audio back, and I also heard these knocks that I’m in the episode, but it’s masked ”.

Fortunately, most of the audio issues have been fixed, such as laptop noises that have been covered by a soundtrack.

“If you watch the episode, when God surprises Charlie, there is a huge symphony playing, but it’s not for the emotion … If you play the music, you can hear the knocks from the laptop, but it did a great job and we “I’m so thankful he did. in the program “.

the second season

Smiling Friends (Adult Play / Swimming)
Smiling Friends (Adult Play / Swimming)

Also at the Adult Swim Festival, Cusack and Hadel revealed that the second season of Smiling Friends will have many more characters.

“You will see crazy characters, crazy things. It will be a continuation of the first season without feeling too repetitive … They are helping sad people, but we don’t want them to help a guy who will kill himself every episode. It is a challenge not to do the same again. Basically, we’re going to see a lot of new characters. “

Smiling friends follows the employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre and colorful world. The series can be seen in Brazil from HBO Max.

Zach Hadel, Michael Cusack and Marc M. lend their voices to dozens of characters from the series in addition to the protagonists.

The comic is rated 8.5 / 10 onwards IMDBMeanwhile Rotten tomatoes got 94% public approval.

Source: Epipoca


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