The Flash: Warner Bros. Responds to Ezra Miller Firing Rumors

It seems that the reports that the actor would be fired from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) were exaggerated.

Sometimes it seems that the Flash movie is cursed, first there were several directors who left the project and its production was delayed for years, but finally everything seemed to be going better and better with Andy Muschietti (It (That ) – 85%, It: Chapter Two – 80%) in charge of directing, until Ezra Miller (Justice League – 41%, The Stanford Prison Experiment – 84%, We Need to Talk About Kevin – 76 %) make a scene in a bar in Hawaii and rumors began to spread that Warner Bros. was considering firing him from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Now, a studio insider has provided an answer to those rumors.

According to official information, Miller was arrested after he harassed and physically assaulted people frequenting a bar, and a couple imposed a restraining order on him for stealing and threatening. This behavior would have come as a total surprise, if not for the fact that a video had already been released a few years ago where he attacked a woman by grabbing her by the neck and throwing her to the ground.

Already fans have waited a long time to see shine, and not so long ago its premiere was delayed for almost a year, so now they announce that the actor will be fired. However, it seems that the rumors that his permanent departure from the DCEU was already in discussion are not true.

Agree with IGN (via LeDirect), a source from Warner Bros. refuted reports that there had been an emergency meeting; There was no reunion and Miller won’t be fired, it was an “exaggeration”, so fans of the actor who are looking forward to his next appearances in the franchise can rest easy, at least for the instant.

Miller recently made an appearance on the last episode of the first season of Peacemaker – 86%, and a year ago we saw him in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%. In The Flash, we’ll see him next to Ben Affleck’s Batman (Argo – 96%, Armageddon – 39%, The Accountant – 51%), and somehow he’ll travel across the multiverse and will meet Michael Keaton’s Batman (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – 91%, Beetlejuice, the super ghost – 81%, Hunger for Power – 83%), actor who takes over the role of the Thirty-Year-Old Batman after his last appearance. Little is known about the plot, but in addition to the characters already mentioned, there will be a variant of Flash and Supergirl from another universe, played by Sasha Calle.

In 2013, the DC Cinematic Universe kicked off, hoping to topple the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while it had some box office triumphs, things didn’t go so well when it came to critics and fans. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, Suicide Squad – 25% and Justice League – 41%, the first three films in which he appeared Ezra Miller like The Flash, they received very negative reviews, and since then the direction taken by the franchise has been very different from what Zack Snyder envisioned (300 – 60%, Watchmen, Watchmen – 65%, Man of Steel – 55 %).

The last we have of the universe planned by the filmmaker is Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguewhich was a big hit on HBO Max and was recognized at the Oscars, for best “Cheer Moment”, and it was a scene featuring the Flash, where he goes back in time, with the theme song from Thomas B. Holkenborg.

Yes Ezra Miller really left the DCEU, whether because of its scandals or for some other reason, it would be a blow to the whole franchise, at least at the moment it is said that Ben Affleck say goodbye to Batman after shineof Henry Cavill (Immortals – 36%, CIPOL Agent – 67%, Enola Holmes – 95%) there is no news, and Ray Fisher had a falling out with the president of DC Films, Walter Hamadaso he will hardly be in a new Warner Bros.

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