The Flash: fans ask Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller in the DCEU

Outrageous claims about Miller’s situation have recently surfaced. Fans already see a solution.

It is likely that Ezra Miller, at 29, is going through one of the most complicated stages of his acting career. this afternoon, by rolling stoneThe We Need to Talk About Kevin star reportedly suffered from “frequent nervous breakdowns” which prevented him from performing well while filming The Flash. In recent days, scandals involving Miller have been reported and now fans are asking Warner to replace him with Grant Gustin, Barry Allen from The CW who starred in the famous series for a few years.

According to the media, Miller he is said to be in a non-violent state but in which he is observed lost or confused, suggesting that at any moment he could “lose his mind”. Some fans are judging Warner for failing to protect their star’s sanity, while others already want to see the actor out and be replaced by gustinwho has long captured the hearts of fans with his performance in The Flash – 77%.

In April 2020, a video went viral in which a Miller hanging and knocking over a fan, material which earned him severe criticism but which he never mentioned in the press or on social networks. At the end of January, he shared a video (which he has already deleted) in which he threatens members of the Ku Kux Klan by asking them to kill themselves with their own weapons, or that he will. A week ago, he was arrested in Hawaii for disturbing public order in a bar and threatening to kill a couple; Hours later, he was released after posting $500 bail.

rolling stone also reported that Warner Bros. executives. had an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the future of Ezra Miller in the DC Extended Universe. You can read some of the tweets calling for the actor to be fired and replaced by gustinthen:

This is probably a good time to mention it, Grant Gustin would have made a much better DCEU Flash. It’s time to get back to that. Ezra Miller needed help, but the WB classic wanted to finish his movie to make money, putting not only a man’s mental health at risk, but also his future in the industry.

Give Grant Gustin a shot, the man is an amazing Flash on the show and he needs to be included in the cinematic universe.

Can we just start a petition for Grant Gustin to be the Flash at large, please?

Literally every DC fan wanted Gustin on the big screen. Instead, that’s what we get. The Flash is literally my favorite superhero, but he’s not cool bro.

So a bunch of people are now saying they want Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash in the DCEU. I mean it could be possible, all they would have to do is say Flasha from the DCEU is a lookalike of Grant’s Flash on The CW. Or hire someone new to be the DCEU’s Flash.

Literally everyone just wants Grant Gustin’s brother, Ezra Miller is a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve the part.

Give us Grant Gustin as Flash. Ezra Miller is in too much trouble and in too much. The Flash has been down since Season 3, this will be Grant Gustin’s redemption arc.

Just replace Ezra Miller with Grant Gustin. The Flash series sucks, but Grant is a great actor and a great Barry and he does well with the terrible scripts and the job he’s been given. Just cast Grant as the DCEU’s Flash and fire Ezra.

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