Warner had an emergency meeting to decide Ezra Miller’s future

After being released on bail, Miller threatened a couple and stole their belongings

Warner Bros. had internal issues with its DC adaptations for years, but most of them had been creative and fans wanted them to stay that way. The company did not expect many of its elements to end up being linked to legal disputes, such as that of Amber Heard with Johnny Depp or that of Ezra Miller, who was arrested a few days ago. after waving a bar and making death threats to a couple

Fans still hope the Snyderverse will be restored, and the best way to do that was with the premiere of The Flash, a tape in which Ben Affleck’s return as Batman was confirmed. The problem is that this project had many production issues, from script and director changes to whether Ezra Miller would remain the protagonist. Like Barry Allen, it was lukewarmly received by audiences, but after the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, it became a favorite and expectations to see this film rose dramatically.

We now know that Miller’s arrest makes things very difficult for Warner Bros. According to information from The rolling stones, the company’s leaders had to meet urgently to clarify their future within this universe. An informant explains that Miller suffered constant attacks during the filming of shine:

Ezra had a thought [la] head and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

The insider clarifies that Miller never acted violently on set, but he revealed that everyone knew something serious was going on with her and it’s implied they didn’t take steps to solve the problem.

According to the arrest investigation, Miller acted aggressively at a karaoke bar, grabbed a woman’s microphone, and got into a fight with a man. After his arrest and posting of bail, he broke into a couple’s bedroom and threatened to set it on fire, also stealing the man’s wallet which contained credit cards, a card social security and other official identification documents. A judge granted the couple a restraining order that could be extended at the end of the month.

Shortly after what happened, it was revealed that Miller had been in trouble for a month, as several visits to other bars had ended in the same way, but without involving the police. This scandal is far from being the only one. A video of Miller suspending a fan went viral a few years ago, and many thought Warner would ask that she be fired, both from DC projects and from Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets – 45%. In the end, Miller stayed and even made an appearance in Peacemaker – 86%.

Warner Bros. is going through a very complex period, because everything is being restructured after the purchase of Discovery. Big executives are leaving, more are coming, and the future of big franchises could change in a short time. The company has some very economically powerful sagas and now that it wants to prioritize exclusive titles for HBO Max, it’s important to find a way to make the switch in a more sensible, yet definitive way. This is where many believe there is room for the Snyderverse.

We don’t know the details of the meeting the directors had, and we don’t know the exact outcome of it, but the insider revealed that the brand has decided to put all projects involving Miller on hold. shine was again delayed and all this momentum that was created around its premiere may have diminished not only because of the date change, but also because of the presence of Ezra Miller as the protagonist, which could negate any plans for a sequel. The only good news is that the producer has a little over a year to decide what to do with it. shineone of the most anticipated titles by fans.

Don’t let go: Ezra Miller threatened to burn couple, court documents reveal

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