Domee Shi, director of Turning Red, becomes creative vice president of Pixar

Oscar-winning actor joins fellow creatives like Andrew Stanton and Dan Scanlon

Since its inception, Pixar has proven to be a company committed to narrative quality and technological advancements. Although many were worried after its acquisition by Disney, the company has maintained its style and continues to bring great things to the world of animation with all of its sequels. In recent years, they have done their best to embrace more cultures and be more diverse, allowing them to stay in touch with their audience. Red – 91% is its most recent example and although many wanted to see this film fail, the result was so good and promising that its director just got a very important new job.

Pixar movies have taken us through different worlds over the years, from toys that come to life to monsters and robots, but rarely have they gotten so involved in giving us a taste of what it’s like to be a teenager. After the more recent feminist movements, producers have sought more feminine stories created by women, but the results have not always been as good as expected, largely due to the pressure that can come with this type of story. commitment. The animation company is known for creating interesting female characters, but they’re not always in an environment entirely their own.

After Domee Shi won the Oscar for his short film BeamPixar gave her the freedom to create a story that she decided to draw from her personal experience. Report tells the story of a 13-year-old girl named Meilin who leads a quiet life in Toronto until one day she wakes up transformed into a big red panda. Metaphors about menstruation and general body changes during adolescence are a fundamental part of the plot, but so is the reality that in order to grow as individuals, we must separate ourselves from various aspects. familiar ones that we always take as final. The film uses many references to pop culture, boy bands, and anime which were very well received by audiences growing up at that time.

Although many had problems connecting with the film, because it is about a girl in full hormonal change and because of the references to menstruation, the truth is that it is a rather superficial obstacle, especially when we recognize that Pixar has managed to make its audience sympathize even with rats who love French cuisine. Many expected that Report It was a failure, especially because it didn’t hit theaters, but from its first day of release it was a big hit for Disney Plus and its contribution to Pixar is so strong that the company decided to recognize the work of the director and the producer. .

According to Variety, Dome Shi she was named creative vice president of Pixar, joining such big names as Peter Sohn, producer of Luca – 89%; Andrew Stanton, acclaimed writer for Toy Story – 100% and WALL E – 96%; and Dan Scanlon, director of Monsters University – 78% and Unidos – 84%. This new position will allow the director to bring original ideas to the division known as Braintrust where the potential of each story he seeks to work on is analyzed. Shi studied to be an animator and started working at Pixar as an intern in 2011, eventually appearing in films like Inside Out – 98%, Incredibles 2 – 90% and Toy Story 4 – 96% until 2015. company gave him the job. opportunity to develop your short film Beam. In 2018 he confirmed he was working on his first feature film for the company which turned out to be Report and that left her as the first female director to work alone on a production (other creatives were always working with other directors).

But this new and promising position is not the only good news for the actors of the film, since the producer Lindsay Collins now she has become senior vice president of development. This new position will allow him to be at the forefront of the group that develops original film ideas and exclusive works for streaming. It’s a big step forward for Collins, who has worked at Pixar for more than two decades and is widely credited with spearheading the SparkShorts program, created to kick-start the work of creatives who may soon be leading individual projects.

With these changes, it’s clear that Pixar is hoping for more female voices to further its ambition to tell all kinds of stories in all kinds of settings and environments. The company has struggled not to lose its style to Disney, which has been put in jeopardy now that the mouse company has been revealed to have contributed money to politicians who have created anti campaigns. -LGBTQ. Pixar employees have rebelled against Disney and made it clear that they have been censored numerous times, but now that those steps have been taken, we can only wait for new, more diverse and inclusive films to arrive.

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