The Northman already has reactions from critics: “the best film of the year”

It looks like Robert Eggers’ new film will delight fans of the director and lovers of Viking stories.

Since the release of his first film in 2016, director Robert Eggers has been in the crosshairs of moviegoers, waiting for what the promising American filmmaker does, and his new film, delayed due to COVID-19, is a few days from its release. first. in many countries. Today, across social media, critics posted their reactions, and all indications are that The Man in the North is yet another triumph for Eggers.

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Eggers shot to worldwide fame with The Witch – 91%, her feature debut, which premiered in 2015 at Sundance and distributed by A24. The film told the story of a religious family in New England, and Argentinian-Briton Anya Taylor-Joy stood out with her performance, who returned to work with Eggers thanks to The man from the north. The director’s second film was The Lighthouse – 96%, which also received critical acclaim, thanks in part to the performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, the protagonists.

The man from the north, unlike his two previous works, is immense in scale, so great that actor Ethan Hawke has compared it to Francis Ford Coppola’s war epic Apocalypse Now – 99%. But even though it’s a big production, critics say it feels like an Eggers movie all the time; To get an idea of ​​its size, just compare the 4 million US dollars it cost The witchwith the 90 million dollars The man from the north. In addition to Hawke, the cast includes Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor JoyNicole Kidman, Willem Dafoeand Björk, among others.

At The man from the north, Eggers worked with Icelandic writer Sjón to adapt William Shakespeare’s original story based on his classic “Hamlet.” It’s a story of revenge, a very common theme in Norse sagas that the film pays homage to. The Scandinavian peoples and their adventures continue to fascinate us today, proof of this is the success of the Vikings series – 60%, The Last Kingdom – 100%, and Vikings: Valhalla – 73%, as well as characters inspired by their mythology, like Marvel’s Thor and Loki.

The first reactions of the critics assure that The man from the north is an epic, visceral, violent and thrilling adventure, everything a blockbuster should be, and the kind of movie that’s no longer produced in Hollywood. The film will be released theatrically in Mexico on April 14 and in the United States on April 22; Official reviews have yet to be released, but Eggers fans and Viking history buffs can already read the critics’ reactions on social media, which we share below:

#TheNorthman is Robert Eggers’ best film to date. Stunning cinematography sets the stage for the perfect fusion of otherworldly Norse mythology with the brutal reality of Viking history. Bloodthirsty. Powerful. Spiritual. @TheNorthmanFilm it’s a beautiful and epic saga for all time.

It’s a shame THE NORTHMAN has been so criminally abused, because that’s precisely what blockbusters should aspire to, and it still has the potential to be. Formally bold yet welcoming; easy to follow but not just a guided tour. Five big stars. Bjork!

THE NORTHMAN or, more than two hours of me alternating between “HELL YES” and “OH NO” with surprising regularity.

The Northman is spectacular. Surprisingly, this is Eggers’ most accessible film, yet no less immersive in its authentic feel. It’s a gripping revenge story that keeps its hand around your throat and is visually stunning. He made me whisper ‘Fuck it!’ several times.

All you need to know about The Northman, a $90 million Viking revenge movie directed by Robert Eggers is that every moment feels like a $90 million Viking revenge movie directed by Robert Eggers.

Imagine a painting by Frank Frazetta, similar to this mural painted on the side of your pot dealer’s Chevy truck, suddenly coming to life. For two whole hours. It’s #TheNorthman. I give it 5/5 crow calls.

#TheNorthman by Robert Eggers is visceral and captivating. You will certainly not be able to take your eyes off this story of bloody revenge. Alexander Skarsgård is a BEAST and ferocious at all times. Nicole Kidman has a few scenes that blew my mind. Bold and diabolical.

#TheNorthman is amazing. Like, falling to my knees, ‘HOW THE HELLO did they do that?’ Awesome twisted too. It deserves to be a big hit. EGGS HIVE MEET.

Watching Robert Eggers’ Viking revenge epic THE NORTHMAN, I often alternated between clapping and screaming. Breathtaking choreography, terrifying in a way I still can’t believe. Not without a hitch, but it’s the kind of film whose existence seems like a miracle today. And I take it.

THE NORTHMAN is 136 minutes of pure uncut revenge savagery. By far my favorite Robert Eggers nightmare.

A bit of a lazy summary perhaps, but #TheNorthman is essentially Robert Eggers’ answer to 300. Violent, visceral, bizarre and at times breathtakingly beautiful, it’s a terrific action flick mixed with really disturbing times. Skarsgard is an absolute beast.

Sorry to be cryptic. I don’t want to say too much because I want to save it for the review. But yeah, it’s not just the best movie so far, but the best movie of the year so far. Who cares about the Oscars when such a good movie comes out so early in the year.

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