Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of May 20 to 22, 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Find out what the stars have in store for you with Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope, which leaves you with your lucky numbers, lucky color and the message from the stars for this week full of positive energy.


You will reconcile with your partner, it will be a few days of celebration and good surprises. You will have the invitation this Friday to a very important event; Do not forget to go there, because you will meet competent people in matters of work. Take care of stomach and intestinal problems, try to have a very healthy diet. You receive extra money for a debt from the past, try to save it.

Do not tell your partner half-truths anymore, it is better to continue well in your romantic relationship, remember that the lie lasts as long as the truth comes. You send your car to be repaired and you make an adjustment. An air sign friend will be looking for you to do business. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 12 and 20. Try to use yellow color more to attract abundance. Do not say anything about your colleagues, they can disturb the peace.


Three days of analysis of the positive changes you need to progress in your professional life. See you at work on Friday and having a lot of pressure, remember that your sign is the earth and that you are very confident in everything you do. You always try to look good to your superiors, so try to have order in all your professional affairs. Those who study will have exams at the end of the semester, try to apply yourself in your studies, you will have time to have fun.

A love is coming to you these days, but it will be fleeting and passionate; These will be days of romantic adventures. This Sunday, I recommend that you light a white candle and ask your guardian angel to enlighten you to continue reaping success in your endeavors. Your lucky numbers will be 07 and 26. Try to use a lot of perfume before leaving the house in order to attract more abundance.


Don’t put off what you can do today, manage your time better, and resolve any outstanding issues. Friday to make late payments and attend meetings at work; there will be job and schedule changes, but it will be three days of good surprises in all and more because you are celebrating your birthday, smile at life. During these days, you will meet people who are more compatible with your sign in the field of love.

Forget that past love, it’s time to turn the page and start over. You buy clothes and change your look. You also make furniture changes in your house and decide to paint it; remember that Gemini is the decorator or designer of the Zodiac and you always like to live well. Your numbers will be 03 and 14. You will celebrate with your family and receive gifts that you did not expect.


Friday to be resentful of yourself, you will feel guilty for not doing what is necessary to fulfill yourself more in your professional life. Remember that your sign is water and always goes into drama, so don’t stress and inject courage into these three days to be excellent. You receive an invitation to a party during the weekend. Stop posting so many personal things on your social networks, it is better that they know what you want them to achieve, not everything; be more reserved in your life.

You receive a lottery prize with the numbers 05 and 17. Try to use strong blue color. If you are a married Cancer, I recommend that you do not argue these days, later the problem will be stronger and they will not return. Try to be calm and don’t take things too personally. Your mother is looking for you to invite you to eat.


Weekend full of fun and good surprises. Remember that your positive energy is very strong and that you feel good. You receive an invitation to go out for a picnic and live with nature, remember that you are the lion of the zodiac and you always need to feel free to flow in your life. You repair your car or buy a tireyes Don’t be so flirtatious in your love life, if you are already in a relationship, try to respect the relationship And if you can’t, it’s better to part ways and not hurt anyone.

This Saturday will be a party for your sign, you will attend many engagements and you will meet very important people. On Sundays, I recommend that you clean out your closet and move your bed so that the positive energies are with you. Your lucky numbers will be 09 and 18. Use more yellow color.


Friday to have a lot of work and pressure from your bosses, just try to do your job and don’t get in trouble with your colleagues. Looking for a love you haven’t seen for a long time and remember that past loves always come back to you because of the way you are, just try to differentiate who loves you and who is only interested in you . Treat back or neck pain, try to relax with a good bath in the evening.

You get extra money for the lottery with numbers 04 and 13; use more green. If you are a single Virgo, these three days will be for meeting people very similar to your way of being, so try to smile and say yes to love. You buy clothes for an important event, you change your mobile phone for a newer one and you update your payment system. Your mom invites you to eat and gives you a gift.


You will have good energy around you this Friday, what you desire so much personally and at work comes true, try not to talk about it so that the desire does not come to you. You are the communicator of the Zodiac and it is very difficult for you to keep a secret, but if you cannot, tell someone close to you. You are invited to a party this Saturday, you will shine more than ever, so do not hesitate to dress in a bright color to attract love.

Your sign likes to be weighed down by other people’s problems, start removing that from your life to be calmer. A forbidden love – married or engaged – will seek you out. Your lucky numbers are 04 and 16. Try not to overeat and drink plenty of water to multiply your positive energy, light a red candle and ask your guardian angel what you need to get better.


It will be a Friday of meetings at work and job changes, but you will do just fine, just try to deal with the issues caused by anger with the people in your office. Always try to be with the best disposition to help. A love from the past is looking for you to ask you a favor, but it’s just the pretext to come back.Analyze what suits you best. Stop being so mean and start forgiving that parent who hurt you.

For this weekend I recommend that you drink lots of water and go for a walk in the morning so that the sun’s rays cover you with energy and thus multiply. You fall in love with a friend’s partner, so you need to put your feelings in order and not confuse friendship with love. Your lucky numbers are 14 and 50, use your lucky color more, which is white.


Weekend of great coexistence with your loved ones and organization of a party to celebrate the birthday of a family member. It will be three days of being with a very good attitude and happy, just try to control your alcohol and food intake so that later you don’t have raw morals. Friday of heavy work and closure of construction sites, your sign is always very consistent with everything it does.

That day will come recognition of work, they will invite you to an event and you will meet people who are compatible with you, remember that you confuse a lot of sex with love to be on fire. Try to live more with who your partner will be. This Sunday, I recommend that you light a red candle so that you ask your guardian angel what you need so much in your life. Your lucky numbers are 19 and 28, use the strong blue color instead to attract abundance.


Tres días de conocer a personas más compatible, el amor llegará a tu puerta y esta vez será para quedarse, solo trata de decirle sí a la felicidad y no llenes tu cabeza de ideas que no son, por lo que verás que estarás muy bien con your partner. Take care of headaches and stress, relax this weekend with your friendsyou are invited to a party this saturday and you will have a lot of fun, so buy some clothes and change your look to look amazing.

This Friday, I recommend you cut your hair and wear strong colors to attract more abundance. Your lucky numbers are 20 and 30, someone with the sign of Aries, Virgo or Libra will look for you to return as a couple. You always have to take advantage of the time to be satisfied with your actions, they invite you to go for a walk in the countryside or by the sea.


Weekend to put everything around you in order, your sign is very detailed and that’s why it’s time to clean your wardrobe and check all your documents so that they are up to date. They invite you to go on a trip, even if it is close to your city, go because it will help you renew your energy. A friend is going to ask you to borrow some money, don’t do it to steal your chance. You miss a love that is far away, try to talk to him so that the distance becomes short.

Keep up with your exercise routine and change your diet to a healthier one, it’s because your sign loves alcohol and parties a lot, so you need to supplement your life with all of that. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 13 and 22. Use white more, a love sign of Libra, Aries or Taurus will come into your life to stay.


Friday to remember someone who is no longer with you, that’s why you will be melancholy. Remember that all times are perfect and if you are going through a breakup it is because something better will come into your life. Remember to fill your life with positive thoughts. They are looking for you for a job outside your city. Try to get more sleep this weekend, it will help you replenish the energy you are missing.

Beware of betrayals from friends and colleagues, so don’t talk much about your personal life. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 03 and 25, try to wear lots of perfume to attract abundance into your life. An ex-partner seeks you out to deliver some things, he gives you a pet, and you decide to go back to school and take a degree in design or languages ​​on the weekends.

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