Mhoni Seer’s weekly horoscope from Monday 23 to Friday 27 May 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Find out what the stars have in store for you with Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope, which leaves you with your lucky numbers, lucky color and the message from the stars for this week full of positive energy.


In the tarot you have the card of “The World”, it means that it is time for you to fly and have the courage to change things, that is, to seek your family independence; it will help you mature. You will receive a proposal in order to go on a trip these days, do the necessary to go there. A new stage of professional growth will open up to you. Week to update your university studies.

You make a few credit card payments and try to save as much as possible. Be careful when signing stationery such as contracts or credits; be careful. In love you will continue with your very stable partner. Single Aries will receive the invitation of a new and lasting love that will make them feel wonderful.You get a pet and your lucky numbers are 17 and 21. Your abundance color is deep blue.


The “El Loco” card brings you detachment and growth, which undoubtedly also means money, that is to say This week you will receive new job offers and a surprise in a lottery with the numbers 20 and 23. Use more yellow to attract abundance. The map of “El Loco” also alerts you to legal problems and discussions with colleagues, so you should always be very attentive to everything that is happening.

You receive an invitation to a business that will be very lucrative for you. Beware of liver problems and try to have a healthier diet to make the most of your positive energy. Exam week in your studies, try to apply yourself when you study. A new and passionate love seeks you. You change your look to look excellent.


Joys and economic surprises will come to you thanks to the card of the “Sun”, because it will dominate you in every way to be better. They offer a plan to celebrate his birthday on a beach or go on a trip; It’s time to enjoy, remember you don’t always have a birthday so look for new directions. In love, your card indicates that someone of the fire element sign is here to stay.that is, you will be lucky in terms of a stable partner.

Be careful with the loss of personal items, be more warned. In games of chance, your lucky numbers will be 07 and 15. Green is the color that will help you grow. Reduce your alcohol consumption and overeating during your meetings, which can cause health problems. You update your thesis and decide to graduate from university.


In tarot cards you have “The Judgment”, which for your sign is a good sign and will help you solve complicated situations in your work and love life. Without a doubt, a new stage in your life begins to reinvent you. It’s time to go back to school and move on with your professional life, that you are an excellent student. Week to be in work meetings for project changes.

Try to connect with your spiritual being, in order to get ahead of any complicated situation. You receive an invitation from a television or digital project; do what will do you good. Your magic numbers are 09 and 27. Orange is the color that will dominate you these days, so use it more in your clothes. A love seeks you to ask forgiveness; it’s good to forgive, but not to forget.


“The Star” is your tarot card which, together with your sign, indicates a good week for you to do what you have in mind, although it also says that you should beware of the betrayals of your colleagues and temporary love affairs, that is to say that you are very attentive to everything in your life. The card of “L’Etoile” will also help you to settle past situations in terms of money and legal problems, so do not hesitate to process all your documents which will be approved.

Take care of lower back problems, caused by so much stress in your daily life. I recommend going for a walk and exercising. In love, you will meet people who are more compatible with you. Your magic numbers are 01 and 06, and your colors are strong, like red, blue, and especially purple.which will help you to have emotional stability.


Your tarot card is “Temperance”, which predicts that these days will be ones of fluidity in terms of work and economic abundance. This card will give you the opportunity to develop further in your field of work and the opportunities will be useful to you, although you will have to make the best decision without rushing. It is also a good indicator to have a balance in your love life, you must already decide to have a stable partner and ward off fear about the future.

Week to resume your financial and administrative affairs in your school. You pay the debts and start your own business, do it because the “Temperance” card tells you that you will be economically successful. Your lucky numbers are 11 and 22 and your colors are dark red and blue. try to dress more with them in order to attract abundance in your life and that fortune smiles on you.


In the tarot card you have “The Force”, it is the affirmation of luck that will be present these days, you must leave fears behind, be more authentic and remove the fear of “what they will say” of your life. Without a doubt, the Strength card indicates that it is time to be at peace with yourself and to accept what is happening to you in life. This card will give you the true love you are hoping for.

For Libras who have a partner, these will be very pleasant days in your relationship and a pregnancy is observed at the doorstep. Try not to be so dramatic in your daily life and let go of situations that you can’t resolve. Your colors of abundance are white and red, your lucky numbers are 3 and 25. This week you will fix your teeth and take care of eye problems. They give you something that you did not expect and that will bring you a lot of happiness.


In the tarot horoscopes you have the card of “The Emperor”, you will be in a constant struggle to stand out from the rest, but it also indicates responsibility and decision, that is, you are at the moment of taking charge of your life to be better and to assume everything you do before others. This card also indicates karma and what you do comes back to you sooner or later, so I recommend that you analyze what you are going to do.

Week of lots of work projects, dealing with stomach issues and trying to get a better diet. Your sign is always ahead of what others will say and even more so when it comes to love, you need to calm down and not rush to make a decision, you earn extra money in the lottery and gambling coincidence, your magic numbers are 12 and 29, your colors are yellow and green.


In the tarot horoscopes, you have the card of “The Hermit”, it’s an explosion of feeling, i recommend that you measure your words and always try to negotiate your work plans so as not to hurt yourself. This card tells you that it’s time to grow in life and decide to be a winner, not letting yourself be influenced by people who only want to take advantage of your talent.

It’s time to leave toxic love and friendships that only want your economic interest. Pay attention to the coincidences and coincidences that occur in your life so that they guide you where to go and achieve what you want so badly. Week of late payment on your credit card, they suggest you go back to school and take a master’s degree. You get extra money in the lottery with numbers 4 and 10, your abundance colors are blue and yellow.


In the tarot horoscope you have the card of “The Magician”, you will go through important work decisions, you must take into account all the possibilities to have the best job and take on the project you want so much. Luck will be on your side, it will be a week of meetings and job changes, you send to repair your car to sell it and buy a newer one.

You put your school papers in order to pass a master’s degree or a diploma, your sign is the most suitable for studying design, medicine, international relations and administration. In love you decide to be in a formal relationship, singles will meet Aries and Libra people who will be very compatible. You will be lucky with the numbers 16 and 30, your colors of abundance are green and orange.


In the tarot horoscope you have the “Wheel of Fortune” card, luck smiles on you in everything you want to do, you will have an explosion of good energies in your life, so make all the changes you have in mind. head. It will be a week of a lot of work stress and meetings with your bossesremember that you must remain calm in the worst moments and you will see how you will emerge triumphant from any adversity.

You decide to have a partner and formalize your relationship, take care of your back problems and try not to carry heavy things. You will be lucky with the numbers 15 and 23, your colors of abundance are blue and yellow. A love is looking for you to ask you for forgiveness, These are times to clear grudges from your heart. You must have security and self-confidence to be able to achieve what you want so much.


In the tarot horoscope you have the card “El Carruaje”, You must not give up and put all your efforts into achieving your professional goals. Remember that your sign and this card indicate that you are on the right track to be a winner, do not hesitate to continue your studies. You think a lot about a love from the past, talk to him and stay at peace so that you do not carry energies that are not yours.

Take more care of your money, the abundance you are experiencing right now is so you can pay for the days you don’t have, start saving. Your impulsive temper will reach a very high limit and you need to control it so that it doesn’t cause you problems. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 8 and 33, You must remove the states of laziness and depression because it is time to achieve something important, your colors of abundance are green and white.

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