Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday May 30 – Sunday June 5, 2022

We reveal the tarot message for your zodiac sign ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Know your tarot card, like every Monday tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the message for each sign of the zodiac.

A distribution for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days of our life are. Readings by phone: +56 99226 7881.


The moon

During these days you must be careful with what you think, with what you say and with what you do, because it will be difficult for you to see reality as it is and to proceed according to what you conclude, which might complicate your task. get the most out of your management and, therefore, the best results, which is what everyone aspires to. Perhaps a more detailed analysis of each situation can prevent you from doing something wrong that influences your mood and harms your goals or objectives.


nine of swords

Fear of change is a feeling that usually arises when we feel safe and in control of the present. It occurs when we are not sure that what is coming is better enough, and that, for obvious reasons, we are forced to leave the “comfort zone”. Clinging to what is known can often threaten progress, which ultimately is change.



During this week, try to ensure that each act you take, each step you express, each market you have to have with someone, is settled with maximum serenity, that there is neither winner or loser, and that the latter, for no reason, are the others. . This will not be recommended or necessary. Our procedure must always be fair, and therefore do not let your triumphs be the defeat of others, unless you are unaware of it and did not do so for that purpose.


ten of chopsticks

Bearing responsibilities, problems, work activities of all kinds and countless other situations, has been common in this complex and long period full of inconveniences. However, we must act responsibly with ourselves and understand that we have limits and that we cannot exceed them, and if we do, we expose ourselves to unpredictable consequences. Delegating, where possible, certain responsibilities can allow us to take care of those in which we are irreplaceable, with less risk and with more time.


wands page

It will always be appropriate to have relatively long-term projects, whatever the activity in progress and without necessarily being one more step in what we are currently doing. These days it will be appropriate to spend some time available to reflect and take notes on those future plans, which could become the “to-do”, and to have them in mind as a separate chapter to consider the time comes.


five of chopsticks

These days you need to avoid misunderstandings in your workplace and any place you are forced to go and, by the way, your family. The rigor and seriousness with which you carry out each of your activities is something of your essence, you cannot demand it from others, unless they are, possibly, subordinates, or dependents or at your expense. This week could be conflicting in the places indicated, mainly due to the current times and it is necessary to mitigate or avoid situations like this.


The car

The week that begins will be characterized by the favorable in each activity that you carry out, mainly if the management depends on you, not exclusively but decisively. Have confidence in your means and capacities and put effort and perseverance in what you undertake, each achievement will have the virtue of being a stimulant in your mind and thus everything will be favorably enhanced and the result will be, without a doubt, a great advance in the activity you are developing. .


Three of Pentacles

During the week that begins, there will be a relatively good relationship between what you do at work, alone or as a dependent. You will not lack the necessary income to pay permanent or contingent expenses. If you have knowledge to your knowledge that allows you to carry out different and varied activities that can generate a little extra money, the possibilities will also be open, and you will have to evaluate, according to your availability of time and need.


The sun

This week, everything will be given with relative ease. An important factor for this will be the clarity of the analysis that you must make in each problem that arises, which will allow you to move forward, according to your needs and interests. This will be so, not only in your own professional activities, but also in the field of your family or social relations, so, without a doubt, your usual positivism and optimism will grow, and this sum of qualities will be decisive.


Six of Pentacles

“We all have the ability to be better, but not all of us make the decision to be.” Phrase referring to quality, to love of neighbour, to doing good without looking to whom, to giving in order to receive, and to all those values ​​that every human being potentially possesses and that are so necessary and sometimes rare in times difficult like the ones we have lived through for so long. It will always be a good time to lend a hand. You can’t get out of catastrophic situations alone, we can’t do it alone.


The devil

In these difficult times for many, when it is increasingly complex to maintain the desire for material goods and to satisfy this apparent need, it should be clear that it is necessary to assess the situation and to assume that the material, if not essential, has very little value and is often the cause of disputes, quarrels and disagreements which sometimes produce irreparable ruptures between human beings.


five of swords

To have achievements and triumphs as a result of effort, work, dedication, produces incomparably complete satisfaction and that is what we should aspire to, in all that we do and in any order of activity. On the contrary, what is easily achieved, by acting with unethical practices, produces only short-term misfortunes and, in the worst case, degradation of the human being.

Source: Metroworldnews


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