Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday April 11 to Sunday April 17, 2022

We reveal the tarot message for your zodiac sign ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Know your tarot card, like every Monday tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the message for each sign of the zodiac.

A distribution for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days of our life are. Readings by phone: +56 99226 7881.


The hanged man

In times like these, every act, every situation, every problem we have to face, is difficult, everything becomes difficult and we must have extra strength and patience, whatever the routine of the action that we have to perform. It is the sign of the times and we can do little or nothing to change it, according to our wishes or plans. One way to lighten the load is resignation, in a way it’s not wasting time complaining and doing the best you can for whatever needs to be resolved.


The fool

Believing that we can firmly hold the reins of every action we take is a utopia. It could hardly be a good goal, that’s all. It would be valid to budget everything and leave nothing to chance, but even the most optimistic know that this is not enough, because there are complex imponderables which, at some point, can change the whole plan. Maybe managing more than one alternative in what we do, in order to have a flexible posture, is a better alternative.


ten cups

During this period, it would be advisable to make prevail in your family and friendly relations, as far as possible and according to your reality, a vehement will to tighten the bonds. There are so many ways to achieve this laudable and fundamental goal, given the protracted crisis, which we have more or less been through and which is not yet over. I think it is convenient to say that the family, given the evolution of society, is not the traditional stereotype, rather it is the nucleus of people who have managed to stay together for many years.


five of chopsticks

Minds are sufficiently altered, wherever one is or where one spends the most time, that arguments and squabbles which sometimes lead to violence have been common and now one must think clearly that thus we cannot go on, and that we have to do something, and this something is individual. Well, if we don’t put our will and a firm goal to end it, its results will be disastrous.


The car

Everything you do, convinced of your abilities and your innumerable qualities and conditions, will have a good result. You must not, not for a moment, doubt your means, coupled with your ability to create alternatives that lead to an appropriate end as you intended. Have, as often, confidence in yourself, and with the right effort, which will be obvious, you will be able to define this week as fruitful and even learn some lessons, which will never be too much, to move forward in the days to come.


nine of chopsticks

Do not waste energy unnecessarily for your personal care, those of common sense and some obligatory ones will be enough to carry out your tasks and obligations, without wasting those that are necessary for what you have to do, which must always bear the seal of what is done with care and dedication, because it must go through a particular natural self-criticism that springs from your essence and that will never be too much.


three of chopsticks

We can always have time to reflect on what we would like to be in the relatively near future, by shedding unattainable illusions, with our feet firmly planted on the ground, which is nothing but being judicious and extremely realistically, in order to be able to objectively assess our merits and plan, according to our capacities which, moreover, are numerous and varied, this project which we will have defined as possible.


The emperor

Imposing points of view, principles of authority or managing collective situations for a simple will, does not always have a good goal, unless you are in charge of a type of task, but, in ordinary relations where a certain equality reigns can even be counter-productive. Moderate your character, control your tendency these days. “If you want to harvest honey, don’t hit the hive.”


eight of swords

Even people who always act with optimism and confidence in their means have had to face complex situations in this tragic and unprecedented period of disasters, losses, instability and a long etcetera. The difference in this aspect is that there are people who, in the face of problems, feel overwhelmed and can even reach situations in which their efforts and actions, in any area, are reduced, with consequences all sorts. On the other hand, you have the virtue of regaining the courage and the conviction to move forward in a short time, so assume your qualities.


six of swords

Take advantage of this week to dedicate yourself to ordering any aspect of your life that you have put aside due to the multiple obligations that have arisen as a result of the critical situation that we are experiencing, because these days will be less demanding in terms of time in obligatory things and you will, exceptionally, have more relaxed moments that you can freely use according to your interests or needs, within which the planning of your future projects could well be done.


two of swords

If you find yourself in the situation of having to choose or choose, in a matter important to your interests, try to take your time to analyze the alternatives, they may not be so obvious in terms of caring for and protecting your current reality. or your stability, in general, if it is not something that, without a doubt, is convenient, sometimes it is better to abstain than to be wrong. Yet someone wrote “Nothing great was ever achieved without danger.”


the priestess

To face the trials of life, mainly in difficult times like the one we have unfortunately had to go through, each affirms its characteristics and qualities to withstand the complexities of the times and maintain, in one way or another, the acquired status, It doesn’t matter. These days, more than usual, your intuition, instincts, and everything you perceive with that makes you special will help you a lot in what you do. Consider it, you have them for a reason.

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