Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday June 6 – Sunday June 12, 2022

We reveal the tarot message for your zodiac sign ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Know your tarot card, like every Monday tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the message for each sign of the zodiac.

A breakdown for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days of our life are. Readings by phone: +56 99226 7881.


The fool

Not sticking to conventional rules but having your own rules, which dictate conduct unrelated to what others expect of you, is not something that deserves any blame, as long as this behavior does not affect the others or alter the life of someone who depends on us. Therefore, the path of extreme individualism demands super special conditions from those who have adopted it. Any situation other than this is childishness, immaturity and lack of criteria.


six of cups

In situations as complex as those experienced in recent years, one of those that has been modified, incidentally, is that of collective physical coexistence, which has led to countless consequences of all kinds, difficult to detail, since physical contact with people and close relatives, whether friends or family, it is irreplaceable and, as far as possible, taking the right measures to protect the situation, it would be good to restore it, by bearing in mind that the threat is in effect.


The car

During this week everything will be given so that there are no obstacles or major difficulties and that you can finish it with a real feeling of satisfaction. The result will depend, to a large extent, on you and the agility with which you solve the ever-present and unavoidable problems that may arise. The key to this is not to waste time on alternative solutions for each situation, due to an excess of solutions, but rather this exercise should be brief and to the point and subsequent action should be timely and prompt.


king of spades

Life gives us daily lessons of certain facts that are decisive for advancing and progressing in what we do. And, one of the many, is to be ready to define a situation that seems questionable to us and to know how to cut it drastically, without prolonging a tedious wait that could result in the theft of our time. Someone remarked that “time is gold” and you have to be careful when giving it away because it will be hard to get it back.


six of chopsticks

Fruitful week of achievements and progress. What you do will be satisfying and will leave you with the feeling of having done everything according to your expectations and fulfilled your objectives. None of this will happen just because, but because you did it right and deployed your many and varied qualities to achieve the results you set for yourself. From all of this, in addition to what you have specified, you will once again have the experience that comes from doing everything with a high level of awareness.


ten of chopsticks

Whatever your personal qualities, never questioned, one of which is the ability to absorb work, responsibilities, and manage situations, it will always be advisable to balance your efforts and your energies, which are not endless . You will have to take stock of your tasks and define those that others could do for you, without compromising the result of your management.


Page of Swords

Evolving, as the society or the world we live in does, is essential in order to be able to understand it and coexist with the new generations who could very well be our descendants. This does not mean that we should accept a lot of things that seem inappropriate to us, due to a misunderstood conception of the contemporary. There will always be a big difference between voluntarily accepting novelty or tolerating it. This apparent contradiction is resolved, perhaps, with an open mind.


The emperor

To impose the will, to exercise some leadership, if necessary, because it is part of a position, an activity, a task or a job, is beyond reproach and necessary. The same procedure, exercised anytime and anywhere, is absolutely inappropriate and its results could even be disastrous. It is necessary and advisable to be clear about the big difference and act accordingly, if you practice it you will see the results in no time. It won’t be easy, but try.


The death

You are about to change cycles, among many others that everyone has in their life. It is an event of a certain importance which generally testifies to its presence, but we do not always manage to distinguish it. It is the beginning of a stage, in which it is recommended to review the past, then to get rid of all the negative that it may have had, in all aspects, and then to continue more relieved to face, with a new energy, the challenges that lie before present.


The death

These days you will have to trust, more than usual, your determinations, choices in all matters, paths to follow and everything that you do not do by inertia or as usual, but it is something something in which you must use your experience and criteria, to be relevant to improve your situation, in general, and your development, in particular. It will be important that you can distinguish between what is transcendent and what is not, even if you spend more time on it.


ace of wand

Whatever your professional or work situation, during these days it will tend to evolve favorably. Whether or not you are managing or implementing an initiative, although it is always more comfortable that the changes are the result of our actions and good management of the situation. In any case, it will be positive, therefore the mere fact of improving in this aspect will be an invaluable incentive, which will enhance your merits and, therefore, your achievements.


The star

Everything will be fine, given the current times, characterized by the lack of events to celebrate, which seem destined for a few. It’s not about being conformist, you will have reason to rejoice and with a legitimate feeling of gratitude. You have all this well deserved, it is not a fortuitous event, so receive it and enjoy it, it is yours and, to the extent of your will, find out how to repeat it in the future.

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