Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday May 9 to Sunday May 15, 2022

We reveal the tarot message for your zodiac sign ♒️♓️♉️♐️♏️♈️♊️♑️♋️♌️♍️♎️

Know your tarot card, like every Monday tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the message for each sign of the zodiac.

A distribution for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days of our life are. Readings by phone: +56 99226 7881.

Week of May 9 to 15, 2022



During this week try, more than usual, to be fair in what you define or execute, especially if your action could harm third parties, even less if you do it consciously. Remember that every action has a reaction, and you no longer participate in it, you could only possibly receive something that harms you in any area of ​​your life, and you would not have how to oppose a logical argument without missing the truth.


Five of Pentacles

If you allow this week, with its facts, events or realities, to influence you and your behavior too much, we would define it as complex or forgettable. On another level, if you define your own tasks with clarity and certainty and approach them with strength, tenacity and conviction, without letting adversity dominate your actions, you will be able to move forward and achieve what was planned, with just the feeling to walk uphill, but to achieve its ends.


Parts page

There is no moment or period of the year that is particularly favorable to start a diet, to start the practice of physical exercises, seeking health as an end, rather than aesthetics. It is not essential to have an additional budget to get there, it is enough to have the will and to seek some information, which abounds, both for a diet and for exercising. If you don’t have time to practice this suggestion, sooner or later you will find time for illness.


The world

You are at the right time to make a relevant leap forward and progress. You have taken one step and started another, full of multiple experiences, which have greatly increased your knowledge in different aspects of your life, so they will be valuable to face whatever happens and better overcome any inconvenience or barrier that could occur. Your way. Trust yourself and trust your abilities.


The moon

Nowadays, every decision you have to make or every choice you have to make will have to be made with the utmost caution, carefully examining the advantages and disadvantages of each situation, because you will not see the most practical thing with the usual ease, at this time in your life, and a wrong option could, in time, bring you inappropriate consequences for what you achieve, such as jobs, projects, changes, or any transcendent step that you must take. .


The trial

It will be important that these days you make an objective assessment of your actions, of your behavior towards others, in the broadest sense of the word, with a real and precise vision, which covers, at least, a few days. If the analysis shows that what you have done has been the right thing, you can rest assured that everything will conform to a balance that only occurs when we privilege ethics and honesty as a way of dealing with our peers.


Four of Pentacles

Clinging to material things, including money, in times of crisis, especially if economic conditions are not deprived of them, if, on the contrary, they are not sufficient not to experience adverse effects, n is not at all a humanistic measure, could be called selfish, since money, also called circulating money, could, in a way, activate the economy, create sources of work, and ultimately improve the conditions life of many.


four of swords

After the long period of anguish, pain, fear, during which many did not stop working, fortunately, and, on the contrary, had to experience a greater sacrifice, it is essential to find, in any case, moments of rest. Nobody is called to the impossible and everything has its limits. Each of us has the obligation and the duty to take care of ourselves, and this must be clear to us, nothing justifies any other conduct.


Two of Pentacles

During this week, it will be appropriate that, in a certain way, you are attentive to all that concerns your family, in particular those who depend on you. You have enough gifts and qualities to cover, with your care, all and not only to devote yourself, if this is your case, to providing them with material things, preferably including money, without minimizing the importance, which obviously has it, you could, no doubt, multiply your efforts and extend them to whatever they need.


five of swords

To have a victory, to obtain a triumph, at any cost, no matter how or at what price, is not a success to be proud of, on the contrary, because it is a vain accomplishment which, if you have a little of ethics, It must be got rid of without delay, because morally it is a defeat, unworthy of people with a sound mind and a good heart. Always keep in mind that if something seems wrong to you, take away the only power it has. Your attention.


eight of swords

Do not let yourself be suggested by situations that you have not experienced. Living in fear, influenced only by an omen or a pessimistic thought, is neither healthy nor less appropriate. If you can, prepare yourself psychologically to face, in one way or another, the alternatives that scare or worry you before experiencing them. Chances are, for each of them, you have various means or resources that can alleviate or eliminate what worries you so much.



The experience of feeling that suddenly everything is going to the ground, both material and sentimental, is one of the hardest facts one can feel. Tragic and even inevitable, it is an event difficult to forget and which, for the same reason, leaves indelible traces but, on the other hand, teaches a bitter lesson which is engraved in stone and will prevent us, from now on, from ” stumbling twice with the same stone.

Source: Metroworldnews


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