Somewhere between sports and politics, banned armbands and closed mouths, bought-in fans and loyal idlers, immigrant exploitation and billions in profits, this is where Qatar lies. Halfway through the World Cup, this ambivalence, which is hard for football fans to bear, has been rampant since day one. That won’t change until the finale and beyond.

Not only the fans, but also the associations are struggling. Especially in the neighboring country. No one, politically or sportingly, knew what the country meant at the moment, at a time when FIFA had been tricked by a simple “railway guard” in the One Love armband fight and pushed to make a substitute statement by a society that hadn’t gotten rid of the double standard. The inability to deal with the special situations transferred to the field has taken away Germany’s chances from the beginning. The German government also played against the DFB. While professional football players are asked to bring into the world values ​​that they are ready to sacrifice, it is difficult to overcome as a tragic spectacle that liquid gas is ordered by the sheikh with surrender. Austria’s sports boycott saved the country from much controversy.