Attack on government building in Somalia ended after hours

Somali security forces stopped a terrorist attack on a government building in the capital, Mogadishu, about six hours later. Six attackers belonging to the Islamist terrorist militia Al Shabab were also killed, the information ministry said on Sunday evening. Two security forces and six civilians were also killed. Four more people were injured.

A suicide bomber drove a car loaded with explosives to the door of a government building at noon. Police officer Mohamed Dahir told the German Press Agency that armed terrorists then raided the seat of the regional government, where, among other things, the office of the mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of the surrounding Benadir region are located. According to Dahir, the terrorists opened fire. Dahir said the mayor and several other officials were taken to a safe location while terrorists surrounded the building. Terrorist militia claimed responsibility for the crime through the Andalusian radio station.

The crisis state in the Horn of Africa, with a population of approximately 16 million, has been rocked by terrorist attacks and other acts of violence for years, particularly by Al-Shabaab. The government has been conducting a military offensive against al-Shabaab for several months. The government succeeded in reconquering large parts of central Somalia. At the same time, extremists are increasing the frequency of their attacks.


Source: Vienna


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