Fiscal equalization – Brunner expects a deal by November 22

Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (ÖVP) expects the final details of fiscal equalization to be clarified this week.

For example, the fact that target agreements on reforms in the health sector should be made non-enforceable if these targets are not achieved should facilitate understanding. But there will be evaluations in the middle and at the end of the fiscal equalization period.

Brunner: “We are in the last few meters”

“We are now in the final stages. I am confident that we can reach an agreement by Wednesday,” Brunner said at a press conference in Vienna on Monday. The Council of Ministers is expected to make a decision in the middle of the week.

The total amounts were agreed upon at the beginning of October. Although the key to the distribution of tax revenues between federal, state and local authorities remains the same, both local authorities receive significant extra sums, contrary to the demands of the latter. In particular, 2.4 billion fresh money needs to be made available annually. But to do this, states must meet specific target agreements for reforms. Money needs to be poured not only into health and care, but also into childcare and expanding climate protection measures.


Source: Vienna


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