USA’s new military package to Ukraine

Ukraine is receiving a new weapons package from the USA for its own defense. According to information from Washington, the package worth 100 million US dollars (approximately 91.4 million euros) consists of military aid approved by the US Congress. The weapons package includes, among other things, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Himars-type multiple rocket launchers and artillery ammunition.

“There will be more artillery shells, which are especially needed now,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj said in his daily video message on Monday. According to him, arms aid was also discussed during US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit to Kiev.

Zelensky said that the situation at the front, the possibilities there and ways to strengthen Ukraine’s defense were examined during the talks. He stated that the meeting was productive. He thanked the United States for its “continued leadership role in aid.”

“There can be no magic solution to such a conflict,” US Defense Secretary Austin said during his stay in Kiev on Monday. It is important to provide the right capabilities and integrate them logically so that the right effects can be achieved on the battlefield.

He promised more support to Ukraine. He has “cross-party support in both houses of Congress” for this. Some members of Congress have legitimate questions for the administration to answer. President Joe Biden’s administration must scramble to provide new funding to Ukraine. Continuation of aid is controversial in the US Congress.

For almost 21 months, Ukraine has been defending itself against Russia’s war of aggression. Kiev received major financial and military aid from the West. Ukraine fears military failures due to declining support.


Source: Vienna


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