90 percent of pork in Austrian supermarkets is animal welfare free

The result of Greenpeace’s 2023 Market Control is “shocking”: 90 percent of pork on Austrian supermarket shelves “still only meets minimum legal standards,” according to the environmental protection organisation.

Sad news about pork in Austria

This means a combination of factory farming without access to the outside and genetically modified soy from South America for feed; These soy imports also cause the destruction of rainforests or savannahs. As a result, Greenpeace is calling on Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) to soon label livestock with information on care, origin and feed.

‘Shocking’ result of market checks: majority of pork lacks animal welfare

“You lose your appetite for schnitzel,” said Melanie Ebner, Greenpeace’s agriculture spokeswoman in Austria. The proportion of pigs from conventional husbandry, which has slightly more space per animal, was only around five percent, while only around 1.5 percent came from NGO environmentally friendly organic farming. Greenpeace also pointed out the high use of antibiotics. This was up from 34 tonnes used in agriculture in 2022, 67 per cent of which ended up in pigs’ feedlots, according to figures from AGES.

The highest rating from Billa Plus was “Satisfactory”

The market control result for domestic pork varieties is not surprising: the highest rating received by Billa Plus was “satisfactory”. Greenpeace points to Germany as an example of how things could be done differently; because here there is greater transparency for customers thanks to uniform and easily understandable information about the product regarding the care and nutrition of animals.

Consumers often do not know how animals should live

The NGO also criticizes Minister Rauch’s decision to agree on a common livestock label with Austria’s supermarket chains in 2022, but implementation is still pending. The problem for consumers: “When you shop at the supermarket, you often don’t learn about how animals live,” says Ebner.


Source: Vienna


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