Doctors at Vienna hospital want to demonstrate as planned

The Vienna Medical Association wants to carry out the hospital staff protest planned for December 4; but salary agreements have now been reached and the city has announced higher allowances at public hospitals. Stefan Ferenci, president of the working doctors’ chair, emphasized this at a press conference on Tuesday. For the Chamber, the measures do not go far enough. 30 percent more salary is required. But there is also pressure for structural reforms.

At the press conference he held with other officials, Ferenci talked about the “smoke bomb” that the municipality presented last week. It is definitely not the big package announced. He calculates that medical staff only earn about 110 euros more in net income per month. The increase in salaries of famine subjects is also lower than in other federal states. He also criticized the lack of any provision for particularly challenging areas such as the central emergency room.

It also found that pay agreements were not sufficient to make salaries “marketable”. Recently contracts for workers in the public sector and social economy have been offered just under the ten percent mark. Ferenci said this would at best compensate for inflation after below-inflation agreements in recent years.

“It is clear to me that money does not grow on trees,” he assured. However, the President of the Curia stated that hospitals are worth fighting for. He insisted it wasn’t just about money. The medical association is also demanding 30 percent more staff, 30 percent more time for patients and 30 percent less bureaucracy.

A demonstration will be held on December 4 to support the demands. We meet at Neuer Markt in the afternoon. We then drive through the city, including the city hall as they noted. A final rally is planned for around 16:00 in Stock-Im-Eisen-Platz.

The Chamber maintains that there is sufficient support from the public when it comes to protests. The press conference refers to the current “Health Barometer 2023” presented by pollster Peter Hajek. For this purpose, a survey was administered to 1,000 Viennese people. Although the results are not “too bad”, the health system and health policy are evaluated extremely critically. 63 percent are of the opinion that there is no improvement in post-epidemic care.

While 37 percent evaluated the condition of hospitals in Vienna as “not adequate” or “adequate”, only 5 percent evaluated it as “very good”. Waiting times for operations and overcrowding of hospital outpatient departments were cited as points of criticism. According to Hajek, the majority of people are of the opinion that the personnel shortage should be combated. According to the survey, 69 percent of the respondents are of the opinion that paying higher salaries to employees would be beneficial in this regard.

Possible strike measures are also supported. It is certain that 91 percent say they understand this.


Source: Vienna


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