Negotiations fail: Warning strikes on trade

As a result, no agreement was reached in the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement in retail on Tuesday.

Initially, negotiating circles with the APA said that both sides were making efforts, had good discussions, and positions were converging. Ultimately, this was not enough and negotiations broke off that evening. The GPA announced in a press release that the union would then hold warning strikes between November 30 and December 3.

Negotiations fail: Warning strikes on trade

While employers initially offered a 5 percent salary increase and a one-off payment of 800 euros for 430 thousand retail workers, they have now offered this to 6 percent and a one-time living bonus of 1,000 euros. According to the evening press release of the federal trade department of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ), this corresponds to a gross increase of 12.02 percent for low incomes and 10.05 percent for high incomes. The GPA union reduced its original demand to 9.4 percent and the fixed amount of 15 euros.

Will: “No one benefits from strikes in the Christmas business except third country traders”

“No one in the Christmas business other than third-country traders benefits from strikes, which weakens social systems and the national economy,” trade association chief executive Rainer Will said in a statement on Tuesday. Will said the union needed to take into account the economic reality and challenges in business.

Fichtinger: Show how far employers are from “the realities of their employees’ lives”

“Employers’ refusal to accept our offer of a socially rated qualification, which would further increase lower pay brackets, shows how far removed they are from the realities of their employees’ lives,” said the GPA’s chief negotiator. Helga Fichtinger. There is already a strike permit from the ÖGB.


Source: Vienna


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