Abortion no longer allowed in Burgenland hospitals

There are still no abortion options in hospitals in Burgenland.

The State justifies this with “the absolutely necessary protection of the privacy of the women affected”; because the structural conditions and small-scale, rural structures of hospital locations do not allow this. This was announced by the office of Deputy State Governor Astrid Eisenkopf (SPÖ) in response to a request from APA on Wednesday.

Burgenland: Outside doctors cannot perform abortions

Therefore, as in other federal states, no outside doctor can perform planned abortions. However, women’s care is guaranteed in Burgenland due to its proximity to Vienna and Graz. For medical reasons, abortions are of course performed in public clinics. Affected women are given comprehensive advice, but experts have found that offering this in hospitals cannot guarantee the protection of those affected.

Abortion banned in Burgenland hospitals

It is not legally possible to order doctors to perform such procedures because they must agree to do so voluntarily. Instead, Eisenkopf calls for the issue of easier access to abortion to be addressed “in the context of future healthcare across Austria” and to reduce financial barriers for affected women.

At the federal level, SPÖ advocates abortion in public hospitals. The absence of this possibility in the SPÖ-led Burgenland is seen as a difficulty. However, women’s president Eva-Maria Holzleitner emphasized that the main priority is regulation at the federal level and that she also appealed to the State Governor Hans Peter Doskozil for the possibility of abortion in hospitals.


Source: Vienna


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