Alternative Nobel Prizes presented in Stockholm

Charity organization SOS Méditerranée, Cambodian environmentalists and activists from Ghana and Kenya were awarded the Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm. Three representatives from Mother Nature Cambodia, women’s rights activist Eunice Brookman-Amissah from Ghana, Kenyan environmentalist Phyllis Omido and Caroline Abu Sa from SOS Méditerranée in Switzerland also accepted the awards, known as the Alternative Nobel Prizes.

This year’s winners have witnessed indescribable suffering and have dedicated themselves to saving lives, protecting nature and protecting the dignity and livelihoods of people around the world, the foundation said. Brookman-Amissah paved the way for liberalization of abortion laws and better access to safe abortions. Omido advocates for the land and environmental rights of indigenous groups in Kenya. Mother Nature Cambodia fearlessly fights to protect the environment despite extremely limited democratic rights. SOS Méditerranée saved the lives of approximately 39,000 migrants in the Mediterranean. Foundation director Ole von Uexküll addressed one of Omido’s comments and said that anyone who wants to change the world should start doing so.

The Right Livelihood Award has been given every year since 1980 to courageous individuals and organizations that support human rights, the environment and peace. This year’s winners were announced at the end of September. The prize is a critical distance away from the real Nobel Prizes, where winners receive their prizes in just over a week and a half in Stockholm and Oslo.


Source: Vienna


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