Innsbruck: Tursky is confident of victory, wants “courageous city”

The electoral alliance “New Innsbruck”, with the vision of “A city with a heart”, presented Florian Tursky, the leading candidate in next April’s local council and mayoral direct elections, to the public at the opening event held on Wednesday evening. . The current ÖVP city party chairman, who is running jointly for the ÖVP, For Innsbruck and the Old People’s Association, said he was confident of victory and promised to govern “reliably” in the future.

Tursky happily said that more than 400 people were present at the event hall in Innsbruck O-Dorf today, although several dozen others chose themselves as mayoral candidates. “You have a great longing for a city of which you can be proud,” the current foreign minister told supporters in attendance. Today we are meeting in this format for the first time in 30 years. “We want to be the strongest force in Innsbruck and appoint its mayor,” said the Foreign Minister, who grew up in the state capital.

Citing the names of former mayors from the bourgeois camp, Tursky said he grew up in a city where “everything worked.” Under incumbent Georg Willi (Greens), it has become clear that “it doesn’t matter who does it.” “When I become mayor, it will be about new ideas, not stagnation”; He promised. “United Innsbruck” now offers a “unique opportunity.” The aim is to “put people back at the center” through civil politics.

“I don’t just have ideas, I put things into action,” said Tursky, a “fundamental difference” from Willi. Tursky was criticized for presenting himself as a “mayor with a second-chance education.” But the mayoral candidate emphasized that once you’ve accomplished that task, “you have to be right there and get things going.” Tursky made a second promise: “This will be a predictable and reliable policy”: “We won’t make excuses for why something doesn’t work.” It is not surprising that the 35-year-old player did not make any statements about possible coalition options after the election.

The Minister of State for Digitalization presented himself in Innsbruck’s O-Dorf in a hall painted entirely orange and decorated with oranges, according to the list colour. “Innsbruck can do more” and “For the good of the city” were written in orange and white letters. Digitization was also included by presenting a specially prepared “Tursky code”. If you register using the QR code, you will receive up-to-date information about the activities of the electoral alliance on this WhatsApp information channel, if you think you are digitally “at the forefront”. Tursky emphasized that today’s event is a “coming together” and not the beginning of the election campaign.

“You can feel incredible motivation and strength here,” admitted former mayor and FI boss Christine Oppitz-Plörer, Tursky’s new alliance partner. “We have intense negotiations and we have several roads ahead of us as well as behind us,” Oppitz-Plörer said. People “sat at the table instead of being apart.” The longtime city politician said the result now “feels right.” Tursky will “represent the city with dignity” and ensure that “politics is not an end in itself.”

“We can’t get anywhere with individual fights,” said Klara Neurauter, deputy state party leader and member of the Bundestag from the Alliance’s third partner, the Association of Elderly People. “Things cannot continue as they have in recent years.” You need “mutual trust”, not arguments. Confident of victory, Neurauter said Tursky would run as mayor “for the good of the people.”

Digital greetings came from former state governor and former mayor Herwig van Staa, who at that time left the ÖVP with “For Innsbruck”. The late mayor Hilde Zach (FI) was also recorded in retrospective. While incumbent mayor Willi’s tenure was accompanied by dark tones and critical newspaper articles, the tenor of the short film is “the success story must now continue”.

Bourgeois Tyrolean political celebrities were represented in large numbers – “the full force of the bourgeois camp”, as former deputy mayor Franz X. Gruber (ÖVP) noted as moderator. Representatives from state politics included Deputy Speaker of the State Parliament Sophia Kircher, State Counselor Mario Gerber and club president Jakob Wolf (all ÖVP). Governor Anton Mattle apologized, while his predecessor, former Governor Günther Platter (both ÖVP), was welcomed. Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig (ÖVP) arrived from Vienna.

Tursky was elected city party leader by the Innsbruck ÖVP at the beginning of the month. It had already been announced that he, and not Deputy Mayor Johannes Anzengruber, would run as a joint mayoral candidate for the ÖVP, For Innsbruck (FI) and the Elderly Association in the mayoral elections to be held in April. So after nearly thirty years an agreement was reached; In 1994, former mayor Herwig van Staa left the ÖVP with the FI. Anzengruber later announced that he would run on his own list, which led to his expulsion from the party. His former party also submitted a motion to dismiss him from the local council. Tursky promised to switch to Innsbruck city politics even in case of defeat.


Source: Vienna


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