Subsidies for heating replacement increased from 2024

The Ministry of Climate plans to increase financial support for the replacement of heating systems and thermal renovation from 2024.

In the future, an average of 75 percent of the cost of a new heating system will be covered by federal and state subsidies. Federal funding for thermal renovation will triple from 100 euros to 300 euros per square meter in multi-storey residential buildings, the ministry announced on Wednesday. The new funding levels will be effective January 1, 2024.

Increase in subsidies for heating replacement from 2024

However, the new fund must first be submitted to the Environmental Finance Commission for decision. The decision is expected to be made on December 12.

There was previously a flat fee of 7,500 euros when replacing a gas heater

There was previously a flat rate of €7,500 for replacing a gas heater, plus a €2,000 “free gas” bonus. According to the ministry, technology-specific subsidies will now be introduced in order to better reflect the different investment costs of various heating systems.

Flat rate of 15,000 euros for connecting a single- or two-family house to local or district heating

A single- or two-family house should receive a flat rate of 15,000 euros if connected to local or district heating, and even a flat rate of 23,000 euros if a water-to-water or saltwater heat pump is installed. In multi-storey residential buildings, depending on the heating system, there should be up to 45,000 euros in basic federal funding plus 4,000 euros per dwelling for centralization of the heating system. Previously, the basic financing was 15,000 euros and the financing per housing unit was 3,000 euros.

Additional fees also for multi-storey residential buildings

In addition, when switching from gas stoves to electric stoves for single- and two-family houses, as well as multi-storey residential buildings, there should be additional fees for drilling a geothermal probe when installing a geothermal heat pump, for switching to low-heat stoves. temperature to install heat distribution system or solar thermal power system.

Grants from federal states

In addition to federal funding, corresponding subsidies from the federal states must also remain at least at the same level as before. “With the new subsidies, changing heating systems will be more attractive than ever. There is around 75 percent financing available to match the chosen heating system. Additionally, low-income people will receive 100 percent of the new heating financed,” said Climate Minister Leonore. Gewessler.

100 percent funding for people in the lowest third of income from 2024

100 percent funding should be provided to people in the lowest income third from 2024. Previously, this rule only applied to people in the bottom two income brackets.

In addition to heating replacement, subsidies for thermal renovation also need to be significantly increased. In future, single- and two-family homes will be given a maximum of 42,000 euros for a comprehensive renovation; previously this figure was only 14,000 euros. Maximum financing for multi-storey residential buildings will be increased from 100 euros per square meter to 300 euros per square meter.


Source: Vienna


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