Signa Holding owes money to Kurz-Firm

Bankrupt Signa Holding, owned by Tyrolean real estate investor Rene Benko, owes money to former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s (ÖVP) SK Management company.

Signa Holding filed for bankruptcy

Signa’s bankruptcy is not a “political issue” for Nehammer

After a successful investor search, in 2023, SK Management issued an invoice for Signa worth 2.4 million euros, of which only 750,000 euros was paid, a spokesman for Kurz’s company confirmed to APA. In this case, €1.65 million still remains unpaid. The total investment of a foreign investor, brokered by SK Management, reached 100 million dollars. However, due to the bankruptcy of Signa Holding GmbH, its debts to SK Management will not be paid. The Kurz company will record the unpaid amount as a receivable and will receive the bankruptcy quota like other creditors.

Benko was seen as Kurz’s confidant

Rene Benko was considered a close confidant of Sebastian Kurz, and during his tenure the turquoise-blue government helped Benko take over the Leiner House on Vienna’s Mariahilferstrasse, for example.


Source: Vienna


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