NEOS launches candidate search for EU elections in 2024

Next week NEOS will begin the list creation process for the EU elections on 9 June 2024. NEOS Secretary General Douglas Hoyos said on Thursday that every citizen can apply to be on the pink list starting Tuesday, December 5. Public primaries will be held January 15-24. The enlarged board will then determine the list on January 25, with the final vote taking place at the general meeting in Vorarlberg on January 27.

The European Union is currently a “construction site” and it is important to make it better, Hoyos said at a press conference at the new “Neosphere” in Vienna’s Heumarkt. NEOS’s goal has always been to develop the EU towards a “United States of Europe” and this goal is still valid. Touching on fundamental freedoms, democracy and security in Europe, Hoyos said you don’t need to look just at Ukraine to understand that the fundamental foundations of the future are now “more at risk than ever before.”

He showed no understanding towards the FPÖ, which demanded “More Austria”. “Given the multitude of crises, anyone who believes that one can find refuge in Austria is truly misguided.” Crises can only be solved together; “We need more, more intense cooperation.” NEOS is the only party demanding this.

Hoyos said at the beginning of the 2024 “super election year”: “This also needs passionate European people. That’s why today we call on all citizens to participate, to run for office, to contribute and to open primaries,” he said, referring to the pink slogan, “Nothing will change without you.”

The application period will run from December 5 to December 20, after which an online dialogue will begin ahead of the primary, and two public hearings are also planned (January 13 in Vienna and January 18 in Salzburg).

You can apply to all other places as well as the best candidate. When asked about possible candidates, Hoyos referred to the primary selection process. According to Hoyos, the election goal is to double the current one seat in the EU Parliament to two seats. This is a “fairly ambitious” but “feasible” goal.


Source: Vienna


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