Ukraine: Massive destruction caused by Russia’s aggressive war

According to the information provided by Ukraine, as a result of the Russian occupation, which has been continuing for more than 21 months, more than 170 thousand buildings were damaged or destroyed in the attacked country. This was stated by Olena Schuliak, head of the parliamentary committee on regional development and urban planning in Kiev, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reported early Friday morning.

Accordingly, the politician wrote on the agency’s blog: “According to preliminary estimates of the Kiev University of Economics, more than 170,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed as a result of the clashes so far.” This will include more than 20,000 residential buildings.

According to information obtained, more than 3,500 educational institutions and 420 large and medium-sized companies were affected by Russia’s attacks. In addition, airports and civil airports, 344 bridges and crossings and 25,000 roads were also affected by the destruction.

Schuliak said that the task is not only to restore the old situation, but also to rebuild the settlements better than before. In the war of aggression against Russia, which Moscow started on February 24, 2022, Ukraine is repeatedly hit by missile and drone attacks. This often causes serious destruction, death and injuries.


Source: Vienna


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