Gewessler not voting in EU elections

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler will definitely not vote for the Greens in the EU elections. He said on “ZiB3” on Thursday evening that he wants to continue in his post until the end of the legislative term: “I still have a lot to do, I will remain a minister.”

Gewessler emphasized that he always said he wanted to continue his role, both internally and externally: “This is what I am passionate about.” The minister did not confirm that the Greens had postponed the federal congress because he was not available as a top candidate: “Rumors are rumors.”

It is not yet clear who will lead the Greens in the EU elections. According to APA information, her favorite climate activist is Lena Schilling. In addition to Gewessler, Justice Minister Alma Zadic also flatly rejected this offer. National Council member Michel Reimon initially wanted to run for Brussels but later changed his mind.

The Greens are currently represented in the EU Parliament by Monika Vana, Sarah Wiener and Thomas Waitz. All three expressed interest in continuing their duties as MPs.

SPÖ, one of the Austrian parliamentary groups, has already approved Andreas Schieder as the first candidate. While FPÖ announced that it will re-enter Harald Vilimsky into the race, NEOS has just started the process of finding a candidate. Helmut Brandstätter is considered the favorite. All that is known about the ÖVP is that Othmar Karas, a long-time member of parliament who has repeatedly fallen out with the federal party, is no longer a candidate.


Source: Vienna


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