Metaller-KV: Negotiations enter the eighth round

The signal to start 2024 collective agreement negotiations in the metal technology sector took place on September 25.

Commercial workers were treated like “wet rags.”

EVVA employees went on strike on Friday

At Thursday evening’s collective bargaining talks for the metals technology industry, signs point to agreement, at least for now. According to the information obtained, employers have raised the bar. The good negotiating atmosphere after the strikes of the last few days was also praised. Finally, PRO-GE and GPA unions demanded a 10.6 percent wage and salary increase.

Negotiations traditionally take place at the Vienna-Wieden Chamber of Commerce, and the eighth round of negotiations is currently taking place. Following today’s negotiations with the metal technology sector, wage negotiations with other sectors of the metal industry are planned to be held tomorrow. After all, they always completed at the same level as their colleagues in metal technology.

ÖGB President made a ‘wet rag’ comparison

An agreement was reached today on the KV for the security sector, minimum wages and allowances will be increased by 9.2 percent. Night fee will be increased by 37 percent. Approximately 15,000 people are employed in the sector.

No consensus was reached in the negotiations for bicycle messengers. In its statement today, Vida union said, “Employers’ 2.5 percent offer is a slap in the face of employees.” Collective agreement negotiations have been suspended until January 11, 2024.


Source: Vienna


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