“NYT”: Israel was aware of Hamas’ attack plans for a long time

Israel had evidence long before October 7 that Islamist Hamas was planning a major attack, according to a report. Accordingly, there was an extensive exchange of ideas between Israeli officials about a document codenamed “Jericho Wall” that outlined Hamas’ war plan. This attack is said to be similar in detail to the attack carried out by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip in early October, the newspaper reported on Thursday (local time).

The draft is said to have fallen into the hands of Israeli authorities “last year” (more than a year before the attack) and was subsequently distributed in military and secret service circles. However, it was ultimately rejected by experts as being too demanding for Hamas and difficult to achieve.

The document the newspaper said it had translated did not include a date for the attack, but described a detailed and methodical raid that breached the Gaza Strip’s fortifications, captured Israeli towns and destroyed key military bases, including a department headquarters. stormy. According to the document, the plan included an initial rocket fire, drones that would disable surveillance cameras and automatic machine guns along the border, and a mass invasion of Israel by fighters by parachute, motorcycle or on foot. precision.” This followed as the newspaper wrote.

Three months before the actual attack, an intelligence analyst in the decryption unit warned that Hamas had completed training too close to the “Jericho Wall” document, according to emails reviewed by The New York Times. “I strongly disagree that the scenario is fictitious,” he wrote to a colonel in the Gaza unit. “This is a plan designed to start a war. This is not just an attack on a village.” But his military counterpart argued that Hamas could not actually implement such a comprehensive plan. His answer was, “In short, let’s wait patiently.”

“There is no doubt that the attack on October 7 was a failure on our part. Of course it was a failure,” Israeli government spokesman Tal Heinrich told US broadcaster CNN on Friday night (local time). said. Israel will closely examine what happened and take lessons. When asked how much Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knew about the attack scenario or read the documents, Heinrich said, “We will investigate. The Prime Minister also talked about this. He will say more when the time comes.”


Source: Vienna


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