Prisoner escaped with socks: The ongoing series of escapes caused anxiety

In another judicial incident in Lower Austria, a 32-year-old prisoner was arrested in St. He managed to escape from Pölten Hospital and wound a nurse before being captured. The incident caused excitement and criticism.

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According to the newspaper “”, on the evening of October 1, St. A 32-year-old prisoner at the Pölten hospital attempted a dramatic escape. Although he was injured in his thigh and was under observation, he managed to escape the attention of the officers by going to the toilet and suddenly running away with his socks. Later, the gun was drawn and he was neutralized and stopped near the hospital.

Second escape attempt

The prisoner, classified as dangerous, was then transported to the Mauer Clinic. Another incident happened there: He violently snatched a nurse’s chip card, injuring her in the process. However, before he could escape, he was stopped by several officers.

A series of judicial mishaps

This incident is part of a series of escapes and mishaps in the justice system. In recent months, there have been several cases of detainees escaping from hospitals and being held in custody, including a 16-year-old Afghan and a 35-year-old high-risk prisoner.

In response to these incidents, judicial authorities carried out 21 raids and tightened security measures, especially at exits.

While most of the escaped prisoners have been recaptured, the 35-year-old Chechen fighter who escaped from Krems Hospital is still at large. This ongoing series of escapes continues to generate concern and criticism.


Source: Vienna


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