Russian television sentenced to prison for LGBTQ “propaganda.”

A Russian court on Friday fined a television channel for “propaganda” against gays, lesbians, trans people and queer people, a day after the LGBTQ movement was banned in Russia. According to a court in St. Petersburg, music channel AIVA must pay 500,000 rubles (equivalent to 5,000 euros) for broadcasting the music video for the song “Tak krassiwo” (“So beautiful”) by ESC participant Sergei Lazarev. where couples hold hands.

According to the court, one scene in the video shows the hands of “two different people of the same gender”. It was stated that this gesture could give the impression that these “preferences” are acceptable and “equivalent to the connection between a man and a woman.” The hearing took place without a defense representative.

In Russia, a law condemned as a tool of repression bans “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual relations”. This includes media, websites, books or movies.

On Thursday, the Russian judiciary also classified the international LGBTQ movement as extremist and issued a ban decision. Gay, lesbian, transgender or queer people living in Russia now face prison sentences. The English abbreviation LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.


Source: Vienna


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