Protest march of Vienna hospital doctors

On Monday, hundreds of doctors and employees of hospitals in the federal capital marched through the city center in a protest march organized by the Vienna Medical Association. In the bitter cold, doctors gathered with signs and whistles and called for the reforms and salary adjustments they deemed necessary.

As they walked through Vienna city centre, they used signs, some of which they designed themselves, to demand “more discretion”, “more time for training” or to warn against “departmental closures” and what they saw as excessive bureaucracy. “Until the computer is turned on, that is, the patient is dead”). Member of the Vienna Municipal Health Council Peter Hacker (SPÖ) was a frequent interlocutor: “We know where there are problems”, “There is a problem in our healthcare system” The protest march passed from the Neuer Markt, past the Albertina, along the ring to Schottengasse and finally via Freyung and Graben Stock im advanced towards Eisen Platz, where the final rally took place shortly after 16:00.

There, Johannes Steinhart, President of Vienna and the Federal Medical Association, thanked participants for their commitment “to better hospitals” despite the freezing temperatures. Calling for more “appreciation”, Steinhart said “now is the time for politicians to listen”. There are many “aspects” to this; for example, “people listen to us, our work is valued, and we pay reasonable wages”.

Vice President Harald Mayer also warned that working conditions in hospitals were deteriorating. Politicians are doing “everything to ensure that the hospital workplace becomes increasingly unbearable.” Mayer denied that too few doctors were trained: “We provide enough training.” But “terrible working conditions” would keep them away from local hospitals.

Stefan Ferenci, president of the working doctors’ chair, emphasized that this is only the beginning of further combat measures. Working conditions in the public system have reached “a level that is no longer sustainable.” Ferenci also thanked the nurses who were there and said that without them, the hospital would collapse.

The Medical Association was unimpressed by the salary agreements being reached and the municipality’s announcement of higher bonuses at public hospitals. The measures don’t go far enough for him. In addition to 30 percent more salary, structural reforms such as 30 percent more staff, 30 percent more patient time and 30 percent less bureaucracy are also required.


Source: Vienna


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