Indian Prime Minister Modi inaugurate controversial Hindu temple

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated an important and controversial temple in the pilgrimage town of Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The temple was built on the site where the popular Hindu god Ram is said to have been born and where a historic mosque once stood. Radical Hindus destroyed them more than thirty years ago, leading to massive unrest that resulted in hundreds of deaths.

Critics also see the event, which featured religious rituals, as a sign of increasing Hinduisation in the country, where religious minorities increasingly feel like second-class citizens. Modi will celebrate the opening of the church with thousands of guests, including important businessmen and big stars from the world of film and sports. At the same time, the event will be broadcast live on televisions across the country. Many states declared Monday a public holiday.

The construction of the temple is also an election promise of Modi’s Hindu nationalist ruling party. Now he is succeeding in this regard; Just a few months before this year’s parliamentary elections. India is the world’s most populous democracy, with a population of approximately 1.4 billion; about 80 percent of them are Hindu and about 14 percent are Muslim.


Source: Vienna


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