Disappointment in Sima: The new amendment to StVO does not make video surveillance possible in the city of Vienna

Planned traffic calming in Vienna city center will be brought to a halt with a new amendment to StVO. It is still not possible to monitor the entry ban by camera, much to the disappointment of city councilor Ulli Sima.

StVO amendment should enable video surveillance

Sima calls for changes to StVO

Work on video surveillance

Vienna Transport City Councilor Ulli Sima (SPÖ) is “disappointed” with Transport Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). He announced this in the Vienna state parliament on Thursday. This is due to the recent amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), which, according to Sima, does not provide any basis for the implementation of planned traffic calming within the city. The city councilor complained that planned monitoring of the entry ban with cameras was still not possible.

Traffic calmed down in Vienna city center: Sima disappointed with Gewessler

At the time of questioning he was convinced that the measure could prevent 15,000 entries into the city. The city and the first district want to significantly restrict access to the city. From now on, only residents, authorized persons or people who park their vehicles in the garage will be allowed to enter the city center. Access boundaries should be monitored using cameras.

This will be a recording using photo cameras, not video recordings as Sima confirmed today. However, the necessary changes in the law regarding automatic monitoring have not been made. “We are very disappointed,” the department head assured. He reported that an original draft was recently submitted. According to reports, there were discussions about this in the federal coalition, and as Sima established today, he was right.

Video surveillance is not allowed at demos and events

Because the draft amendment stated that image processing facilities should be closed and fines imposed during demonstrations and large events. Sima said this would make the traffic calming project impossible. Approximately 1,700 of these events are held in the city center every year. He was also amused by the proposed regulation of punishment: “In the digital age, someone has to climb the stairs every time.”

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