Expert: Taylor Swift could decide US election race

Superstar Taylor Swift’s endorsement could tip the balance in favor of incumbent Joe Biden in the US presidential election. US campaign expert Yussi Pick said in an APA interview that Swift “has tremendous appeal in target groups that cannot be achieved through traditional media.” “If there’s only 40,000 votes, that makes a difference,” he said, referring to Republican Donald Trump’s narrow victory in the 2016 election.

Pick emphasized that this is not just a conspiracy theory or media phenomenon. He said the singer’s positioning had “a real-world impact,” citing the impact of previous voter registration calls. These would lead to a “surge” in enrollment.

As further evidence of the pop singer’s influence on the political mood, Pick saw “a right-wing mob targeting him” and spread the conspiracy theory that the final game of the US football league NFL (“Super Bowl”) would be played. His friend Trevor Kelce’s support for Teams also put pressure on incumbent Biden to win the election. “This is ridiculous.” Instead, Trump supporters should ask themselves whether they are “going down the wrong path” in agitating against American football, one of the most popular players in the U.S. national sport, and one of the country’s most successful singers.

Pick emphasized that Swift got her start in (more conservative) country music and is popular with both Democrats and Republicans. He finds the risk that supporting Biden could damage the singer’s image quite manageable. He doesn’t believe Swift can make staunch Trump supporters reconsider their position. “Other de-radicalization measures will need to be put in place.”

Pick believes Swift can especially appeal to “those who are dissatisfied with politics” and bring them back. In this context, she touched upon the high obstacles to exercising the right to vote in the USA. Presidential elections are traditionally held on Tuesday, a business day. Additionally, in order to vote, you must be registered in the electoral roll.

The former campaign staffer for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not attach much importance to the current situation in the election race. “The majority of voters are just starting to understand that Trump is back. That hasn’t been reflected in the polls yet,” he said, referring to incumbent Biden’s poor results. Additionally, then-President Barack Obama’s values ​​were “just as bad” the year before he was re-elected in 2012.

Pick said legal action against Trump could play a big role. Polls show that a conviction would negatively impact his chances of winning. Trump’s remaining party rival, Nikki Haley, is also counting on it. She hopes to be able to continue “until one of the decisions is made.” But if he loses the primary in his home state of South Carolina next week, “I have a hard time imagining him being able to continue.” Right now, Haley appears to be sealing her end in the Republican Party with her scathing attacks on Trump.

“One issue,” according to Pick, is the age of the incumbent. But the expert said Biden “is not as senile as the right-wing media is trying to make him out to be.” He noted that the Democrat stuttered as a child and made repeated verbal errors throughout his political career. His decision to run again was likely due to his political successes in the 2022 midterm elections. Pick “should have dealt with a successor sooner,” he said. However, a contentious primary election process would not be the “right decision” for the presidential party.

Although Republicans took a “gamble” by recently rejecting the immigration deal proposed by Democrats in Congress, the conflict in the Middle East could have a negative impact on the presidential party. In the swing state of Michigan, for example, there is a very large Muslim community that did not vote out of frustration with U.S. support for Israel, which could cost Biden key votes. As in the last two elections, the “Blue Wall” in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will be “extremely relevant” to the election results. The election names Arizona and Nevada, as well as the southeast coast states of Georgia and North Carolina, as other states in contention, while Florida is now “firmly on the Republican side.”

Biden’s so-called campaign adviser Taylor Swift won’t have to think about the presidential election when she comes to Vienna for three concerts in early August. “The election campaign doesn’t actually start until September,” Pick said. Everything remembered from the 2016 campaign, like the video of Trump’s vulgar remarks or FBI chief James Comey’s letter about Clinton’s email relationship, happened later. “It will be the same this time. It will be a long year.”

(Interview conducted by Stefan Vospernik/APA)


Source: Vienna


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