Last night He quickly took the scooter to St. He took it to Marx. The region is named not for a disguised Austrian liberation theologian who linked Christianity and Marxism, as Leonardo Boff or Dom Helder Camara once did, but for St. It comes from Mark. The picturesque St. Petersburg, where Mozart is buried, is definitely worth a visit. Not far from the Marx Cemetery, Puls 4, Puls 24 and ATV established their studios on the site of the former Rinderhallen. While on the other side of the street Stermann and Grissemann, together with Tom Neuwirth and Michael Köhlmeier, were recording the program “Welcome Austria” for today’s Shrove Tuesday, I was a guest on the program “Heiß umfehdet”, where three topics of the day were controversially discussed. Fast forward: Should compulsory vaccination be introduced due to the progression of measles? (I say no). Are stars like Taylor Swift allowed to make voting recommendations? (Yes, of course). Was the EU army born in the face of Trump’s threatening gestures? (Nonsense).