Mother and lawyer searching for Navalny’s body

Kremlin rival Alexei Navalny’s body appears untraceable after his death.

More than 100 people arrested at Navalny commemorations in Russia

Putin’s regime of violence

Anne had previously received official confirmation of Navalny’s death, as her spokesperson Kira Yarmysch reported on the platform.

The morgue was closed and the lawyer was unable to obtain a satisfactory response using the contact telephone number listed in the entry. “He was said to be the seventh person to call him that day,” Jarmysch wrote. “And Alexei’s body is not in the morgue.” Yarmysch said an employee at the prison camp beyond the Arctic Circle had previously announced that Navalny’s body was in the city of Salekhard for examination. Accordingly, the mother was initially unable to identify the body. Jarmysch demanded that the body be handed over to his relatives immediately. According to the spokesman, the time of death was given as 14.17 on Friday.

“Russian laments have no place here”

However, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) refused to criticize Moscow’s response to Navalny’s death. On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Schallenberg said yesterday that those who were most upset should act most calmly. “Russian lamentations have no place here,” he said of the Russian embassy’s protest against a comment by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Van der Bellen: “Murderer regime”

In his immediate reaction to X, Van der Bellen referred to “Vladimir Putin and his murderous regime.” The Russian embassy in Vienna responded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a note of protest. Schallenberg said he does not subscribe to conspiracy theories. He also made it clear: “We know that he was poisoned (Nawalny, note), that he was put in the GULAG (…), we know which regime is trying to destroy his health.” Unlike many international politicians, Schallenberg said that Navalny After his death, he refrained from directly blaming Moscow, but called for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

NEOS foreign policy spokesman Helmut Brandstätter reiterated Schallenberg’s request to immediately summon the Russian ambassador to the foreign affairs office in the face of the “unacceptable” note of protest from the Russian embassy. Brandstätter said in a broadcast on Saturday that in such a meeting Schallenberg “could strongly convey his demand for an independent investigation of the events.”

Ambassador summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The British government summoned diplomatic staff from the Russian embassy to the Foreign Office. Britain wanted to make clear that it held Russian officials “fully responsible” for Navalny’s death, Britain’s Foreign Office said in a statement on Friday. Navalny’s death in a penal colony in Russia’s polar region “must be fully and transparently investigated.”

The State Department said that in recent years, Russian authorities “imprisoned Navalny on false charges, poisoned him with a banned nerve agent, and sent him to a penal colony in the Arctic.” No one “should doubt the brutality of the Russian system.” British Foreign Secretary David Cameron had previously said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “must be held responsible for what happened”.

Demonstrations in front of Russian embassies

In several European cities, including Vienna, people demonstrated outside the respective Russian embassies and called Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin a murderer. Despite the arrests and pressure from the authorities, public expressions of condolence for Navalny continued in Russia. In Moscow and other cities, men in civilian clothes or city sanitation workers cleaned spontaneously erected memorial sites for the 47-year-old who died in custody under unclear circumstances in the polar region. They put flowers in garbage bags and collected candles and pictures. Media in many parts of Russia reported on Saturday that fresh flowers continued to be laid, candles were lit and pictures were hung in memory of Navalny.

Schneider (ORF) on Navalny’s death:

Hundreds of arrests in Russia

According to information received from human rights defenders, more than 212 arrests have already been made across the country. Internet portal reported on Saturday morning that only St. He reported that 109 people were arrested in St. Petersburg and 39 in Moscow, making a total of 21 arrests in cities. Civil rights activists also offered legal advice on leaving flowers and posted the number of a hotline for legal assistance. Many Russians openly expressed anger after Navalny’s death.

“How great it is that the power apparatus is afraid of a dead person, when even laying flowers in his memory is considered a crime,” wrote Dmitry Muratov, Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Novaya Gazeta newspaper, which is critical of the Kremlin. Saturday Telegram’s news channel.


Source: Vienna


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