Passport photos can now be sent to authorities digitally

Passport photos can now be sent to the authorities digitally. With the eBild system, which is available to all professional photographers and photo dealers, it will be possible to transmit passport photos electronically in the future. At the same time, the classic paper passport photo type will not be abolished.

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner stressed in a broadcast on Sunday that this was “another step towards effective and modern management”. Florian Tursky, Minister of State for Digitalization (both ÖVP), was also pleased with the “simple, secure and data protection-compliant option of sending the ID photo directly to the relevant authority.” “This eliminates the need to transport the printed photo from the photographer to the office,” says Tursky.

After sending the passport photo to the eBild system, photographers are given an image identification code. This is given to the customer or, if desired, sent directly to his mobile phone via SMS. Authorities access the passport photo in the eBild system using the picture identification code. This eliminates the time-consuming, quality-degrading step of cropping and rescanning the photo in the office.

It was said that no personal data is stored in the eBild system. To ensure complete data protection, even all metadata is removed when stored. All communication with the eBild system takes place exclusively through strong encrypted connections on servers operated in Austria.


Source: Vienna


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