Putin: Western threats create real danger of nuclear conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of creating the risk of nuclear conflict.

“Everything that the West comes up with to scare the world creates a real threat of conflict through the use of nuclear weapons, which means the destruction of civilization,” he said in his annual State of the Union address on Thursday. said.

Fritz (ORF) talked about Putin’s state of the nation speech:

Sending troops could be “tragic”

He also pointed out to the West the potential of the Russian army: “They must finally understand that we, too, have weapons that can hit targets on their territory.”

In particular, he warned NATO countries not to send military units to Ukraine to fight against Russian troops. The consequences of such a move could be tragic, he said. French President Emmanuel Macron recently raised the issue of using Western ground troops in Ukraine.

Strengthen the weapon complex

At the same time, Putin dismissed claims that Russia wants to attack the West as “nonsense.” On the contrary, the country will increase its weapons complex for its own security and further strengthen the western flank of the giant empire due to the danger posed by NATO expansion.

Putin once again offered the USA a dialogue on strategic security in the world. Russia and the United States suspended or terminated many disarmament agreements during their conflict. Russia is ready for new negotiations if the United States stops aiming for Moscow’s strategic defeat.

People work “three shifts”

The President added that a strong global order is not possible without a strong Russia. He is ready to talk about the “Eurasian security architecture”. The USA eliminated security in Europe. The West is trying to drag Russia into an arms race. In this context, Putin criticized the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO.

According to Putin, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is supported by Russia’s “absolute majority of the population.” Addressing the Federal Assembly (State Duma and Federation Council), he thanked citizens and entrepreneurs for their support to the “military special operation”. The president said people were working “three shifts” to meet the needs of the front. A call was made for a minute of silence for the martyrs.

“Together we can do anything”

Putin also commemorated the 10th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula in 2014. The country looks back “with pride” on the event and what it has achieved. “Together we can do anything,” he said. Russia will not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairs.

This is Putin’s 19th State of the Nation Address. The president last spoke in February 2023 and announced the suspension of the “New Start” nuclear disarmament agreement. He skipped the State of the Nation address in 2022, the first year of the war.

It is certain that the 71-year-old will be in office for the fifth time in the presidential elections to be held on March 15-17. Opposition is not allowed. Putin’s rivals support the Kremlin chief’s policies and, from the perspective of the government’s critics, they are seen as mere decoration. Kremlin opponents talk about a fake election.


Source: Vienna


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