Israeli army attacked Hezbollah positions in Lebanon

The Israeli army announced that the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia once again attacked its positions in southern Lebanon. The army said in a statement on Saturday evening that its warplanes hit two Shiite militia military facilities in the Labuneh district and another facility in the Ramyah district. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said that in the last 48 hours the army had killed “a total of 10 terrorists”, including a commander.

Israeli air forces hit a vehicle carrying Hezbollah members in southern Lebanon earlier in the day, according to the military. It was said that “several terrorists” were traveling in the vehicle and fired rockets into Israeli territory. The Israeli military’s information could not initially be independently verified.

Hezbollah first announced that six of its members were killed in Israeli attacks on Saturday. The militia also reported bombing an Israeli barracks near the town of Liman and Israeli soldiers near the common border. This information could not initially be independently verified. There were initially no reports of possible victims in Israel.

There has been repeated bombardment in the Israel-Lebanon border area since the beginning of the Gaza war, following the massacre carried out by Hezbollah’s ally Hamas and other extremist groups in Israel on October 7 last year. There were already deaths on both sides. Tens of thousands of people left their homes in both countries due to the conflict.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant recently announced that in response to daily attacks against Israel, he would increase military pressure on Hezbollah until the militias withdraw from the border. Shiite militias settled in the buffer zone created in the border region in Southern Lebanon after the end of the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and opened fire on the north of Israel from there. Israel wants to use diplomatic pressure to force the militia to withdraw behind the Litani River, 30 kilometers from the border, in accordance with UN resolution 1701. Galant warned that Israel was ready for a major military operation if necessary. However, Hezbollah is thought to be stronger than Hamas.


Source: Vienna


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