This is how Lena Schilling reacts to her scam in Norway

On Sunday, Lena Schilling, the Green Party’s leading candidate in the EU elections, reacted to Norway’s speech titled “Good Night Austria”.

EU elections 2024: Profile of Lena Schilling

Schilling sees his candidacy as a signal to young voters

Lena Schilling, the Greens’ leading candidate in the European elections, apologized for the “total blackout” on social media when she failed to answer the question of whether Norway was a member of the EU in ORF’s satirical program “Gute Nacht Österreich”.

Schilling tries to deal with Norway’s mistakes with humor

This question was asked to him on the sidelines of the federal congress, where Lena Schilling was elected as the best candidate. “My mind was completely blank,” he explained in an Instagram post. She would normally know “of course” that Norway is not a member of the EU. Now Lena Schilling is trying to handle the whole thing with humor, even if it’s “extremely embarrassing.”


Source: Vienna


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