Orthodox Jews in Zurich face death threat after attack

An Orthodox Jew was seriously injured with a knife gun on the street in Zurich on Saturday evening. A 15-year-old Swiss man has been arrested as a suspect, police announced Sunday. “The ongoing investigations by the Zurich cantonal police and the responsible youth prosecutor’s office are going in all directions and clearly involve the possibility of an anti-Semitic crime,” the police said.

The person attacked is a 50-year-old man. That evening, the police were called due to an argument between several people. The background and exact course of events were still under investigation Sunday.

Zurich local council member Jehuda Spielman, who said he knew the person who was attacked, wrote on the X platform that the man’s condition had become stable. Jonathan Kreutner, the general secretary of the Israeli community association, looked shocked on Swiss television. “Physical attacks against Jews are very rare in Switzerland. Such a case is truly a new dimension.” Security measures at Jewish institutions in Zurich have been tightened, according to police.

According to initial estimates, several hundred people gathered in Zurich for the vigil on Sunday evening. Many were carrying yellow umbrellas. They are seen as a symbol against antisemitism.


Source: Vienna


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