Around the world and earn money at the same time? Many people dream of this and it is very attractive, especially for young professionals, to start a job that requires a willingness to travel and also guarantees a good and regular income. What are the benefits of a job that involves a lot of travel? Employees of companies like SSI Shepherd have the opportunity to explore foreign countries after work – of course without taking a day off.

Good planning is an important prerequisite

With the right preparation, you create the perfect basis for making the best use of your free time on your next business trip. Plan the free time that is available to you in advance so that you can use it effectively. Think about what you would like to see at the travel destination and what time everything could run out. Or maybe you need a reservation for an attraction or a special restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try. Such things can be taken care of in advance to avoid any disappointment on the spot. Also take a look at where your hotel is exactly to check how far you are from the city centre, for example, and how much time you have to plan for walking around.

At global companies such as SSI Schäfer, employees are given the opportunity to go on national and international business trips as part of their job.


Happiness doubles when shared

You usually have to spend your free time on business trips alone and that deters many from leaving the hotel after work and exploring the city. This problem may be fixable. Maybe it turns out that your family will accompany you on your next business trip. If you combine your vacation with your business trip, you can kill two birds with one stone. As a result, short trips to distant destinations can be transformed into extended trips that can be enjoyed with the whole family. It doesn’t matter whether your loved ones travel with you or follow you after work. It’s much easier to relax and enjoy together. This makes the business trip an experience for the whole family.

Created in cooperation with SSI Shepherd.