VSV took over early on at home against a KAC who, in addition to numerous absentees shortly before the game, also lacked Paul Postma (family reasons) and Rok Ticar (illness) in the derby. In the packed Stadthalle, Anthony Luciani and Johannes Tschurnig had the first chances after six minutes, but KAC keeper Sebastian Dahm was on his toes. The counted Redjackets, who seemed a bit overwhelmed in the opening sequences, worked their way into the game, repeatedly putting pinpricks in the counterattack.

After eight and a half minutes, Villach scored the first goal. John Hughes served Chris Collins and he placed the disc in the short cross corner. Two minutes later, Dominik Grafenthin narrowly failed to score. But after 14 minutes it was time and Villach scored again. After a Kulda cross pass, Marco Richter flicked the puck into the far corner. Although the Eagles now seemed to have everything under control and KAC were really tightening them up, KAC had a top chance two minutes before the break, but Luka Gomboc was unable to take it from close range. On the other side, Grafenthin failed again after a solo run (20th).

In the middle third the same picture: The VSV set the accents, the red jackets tried their luck on the defensive and in brisk counterattacks. Luciani, Hughes and Collins failed on the one hand, Lessio, Petersen and Ganahl tested JP Lamoureux. However, Finn van Ee and Kevin Moderer provided the highlight. The young red-jacketed crack got into a fistfight with the villach roughneck, which was not the smartest decision given the punishment that had already been announced for Moderer, but it was an extremely courageous decision. However, Van Ee lost the fight without a hit. But this maneuvered Villach into a phase with two consecutive underman games.

When Arturs Kulda guarded the penalty box after unnecessary tripping, Fabian Hochegger struck with a majority. The youngster shortened in one of his rather rare appearances in the power play (30th). But just 45 seconds later, Robert Sabolic put Derek Joslin through on the other side, who defeated Dahm for the third time. However, KAC bravely carried on and often just missed out on Lamoureux. So did Nick Petersen after a counter-attack with Lucas Lessio (34′). Kele Steffler did better, whose concealed Blueliner landed in the Adler’s goal before the second siren (37′). Perfect timing for the 24-year-old defender’s first career goal.

Rotjacken deservedly fought their way into overtime

And somehow the red jackets made VSV nervous again, Villach couldn’t get rid of a derby complex that had developed over the last few years. The Klagenfurt team also started free and with a lot of momentum in third number three, burning off a firework of chances in the first changes. When the VSV then wanted to bring some calm to the wild hustle and bustle, KAC was again dangerous. However, Lamoureux knew how to prevent Manuel Ganahl’s possible shorthander. But a little later it was time for the now fully deserved compensation. Rihard’s Bukarts whirled through the VSV defence, laying it down to Kele Steffler, who in turn found Matt Fraser in the slot. The striker didn’t let that go (49′).

This was decided by Alexander Rauchenwald for VSV. After four players from Klagenfurt and three from Villach had previously missed, Rauchenwald pocketed the eighth penalty shot to win.

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