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Led by the recovered neymar The Brazilian ball performers reinforced their dream of a sixth world title with a gala performance. The world record holder advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament in Qatar on Monday night with a 4-1 (4-0) win over the hopelessly beaten South Koreans. Only in the first half at the 974 stadium, Selesao scored four goals thanks to Vinicius Junior (7th minute), Neymar (13th place, penalty), Richarlison (29th place) and Lucas Paqueta (36th place), one of which is more beautiful than the other. was. Former Darmstadt resident Seung-Ho Paik (76th) scored a consolation goal for the outsider. In the round of top eight teams, the Brazilians will now face second-placed Croatia on Friday (16:00).

Less than 15 minutes were played in front of 43,847 spectators before the Brazilians danced their joy to the crowd twice. First, a strong Rafinha began to dribble on the right flank, made his way into the penalty area and crossed Vinicius Junior. Instead of finishing right away, the 22-year-old took the ball calmly, aimed for the right corner and shot the ball into the net. Then the whole team jumped hand in hand in front of the corner, then Neymar, Vincius Junior, Lucas Paqueta and Rafinha performed another samba. Four minutes later they were jumping again.

Three Brazilian goals in just a few minutes

This time, Richarlison was fouled in the penalty area and referee Clement Turpin awarded a penalty. And now the fans demanded Neymar, who had recovered from a foot injury, as a shooter. The 30-year-old stopped his run and slowly pushed the ball into the bottom right corner. As the South Korean goalkeeper stopped, the ball hit the goal. This goal made the superstar the only Brazilian, along with Pelé and Ronaldo, to score in three different World Cups. And Selesao did not stop.

Not once in the game did it seem that the South Koreans could pose a serious threat to the world record holders. The Asians had a hard time getting their exceptional player, Heung-Min Son, into the game. In addition, they were amazed by the speed and technical class of the favorite. Former Leipziger Hee-Chang Hwang (17/32) tested goalkeeper Alisson twice in the first round. But in both cases, Brazil was in the lead. The Selesao only allowed what they could allow given the one-sided play. Her victory was never in danger. Instead, the height has been increased.

The South Koreans had no chance for long stretches of the way.

After an excellent combination of three posters, each of which had only one touch, Richarlison was free in front of the South Korean goal and shot effortlessly. After a few minutes it got even better. This time, Neymar initiated a Seleção counterattack and passed the ball to Vinicius Junior, whose cross right through the center hit Paqueta. Again, the Brazilians danced in front of the fans. One could almost feel sorry for the Asians.

In the second half, they also failed to get close, although now Selesao were more relaxed. As a result, the outsider even created chances, but in each case he failed thanks to the strong Alisson: once the Liverpool goalkeeper made a save against Son (47th), and once again he brilliantly parried Hwang’s shot (68th). But the South Koreans still once achieved success. A good shot by Pike with a small rebound hit the goal.
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