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A 34-year-old was found on Tuesday in Mürzzuschlag (Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district) with ultimately fatal injuries in the basement of an apartment building, a homicide is assumed. As reported by the Styrian State Police Directorate, the woman is said to have previously gotten into an argument with a man. The victim’s 33-year-old ex-husband and another person were arrested.

Woman had serious injuries

At around 4:20 p.m., an emergency call was received in the rescue control center that there had been a violent argument between a man and a woman in the basement of an apartment building and that the woman might have been injured. The rescue workers and a police patrol immediately drove to the house, where they found a woman covered in blood in the basement. She had massive injuries. Despite immediately initiated resuscitation measures, an emergency doctor could only determine the death of the Austrian.

The entrance area of ​​the apartment building

Life partner urgent suspect

The partner of the 34-year-old victim, a 33-year-old Austrian, is an urgent suspect. He allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. Another suspect, a 44-year-old Afghan man who lives in the same building, was also arrested as it could not be ruled out that he too was connected to the crime.

The evidence is currently being secured and the suspects are being questioned. The exact course of events and the social connections between the victim and the suspect are still the subject of intensive investigations.